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Why Matchmaking Wins Over Dating Apps

Studies show that matchmaking wins over dating apps. The idea of blind dates or online dating can still be a bit taboo for many people. Despite all the success stories of couples meeting and falling in love on dating apps, many people still turn to matchmaking.  This is not without reason because, with all of the dating apps available on the market, not everyone who uses these sites is legitimate.

Some people may use a fake photograph, be married, or embellish bits about their lives such as what they do for work or where they live. These are the kinds of traps that a person must look out for when they navigate the world of using dating apps.

Anyone can create an online dating profile with unverified information. For people who are serious about finding love in the Austin area, choosing an Austin Texas Matchmaker is a better choice.


As mentioned before, unlike matchmaking, dating apps do not offer verified dating profiles. Any person can choose a photograph from the Internet, slap it up on their profile, and claim to be whoever they want to be. This can be potentially dangerous for both single men and women. This is why it’s important to choose the type of service that verifies a person’s information before allowing them to navigate their website.

Another reason to consider being wary of using dating apps is many people only use these types of services when they’re looking for fun rather than a true relationship. This sadly ends up in wasted time and broken hearts and can be avoided altogether by entrusting your efforts to a professional matchmaking service. Besides not having to deal with immature daters or the risk of fake profiles, you can rest assured knowing that experienced dating coaches are on hand to offer up dating tips.


1. Easily accessible

Online dating apps do not filter out users and everybody is approved. Because the service is free, people who aren’t serious about dating have nothing to lose by signing up whereas with matchmaking the users are 100% verified.

2. No privacy

With online dating apps, it can be hard to hide from business partners or coworkers the fact that you’re using an online dating app. Dating profiles are easily searchable by search engines such as Google, and this is not something that can easily be avoided.

3. Identity theft

In some cases, unknowing victims can become the target of identity theft. Someone may access another person’s photograph and portray themselves as the victim. This can be harmful to a person’s reputation and can cause embarrassment or even harassment issues.

4. Can be unsafe

Because online  dating apps  have no extensive screening process, anyone with a negative background can sign up onto the platform and portray themselves in a better light. These dating apps leave lots of room for scammers or otherwise dishonest people to search for unwitting victims.


Unlike matchmaking,  dating apps make money primarily through advertising on their apps making it important to sign up as many potential users as possible. There is no care given to the kind of people signing up, and clients who use dating apps are on their own. Just based on this business model, anyone can see what the dating apps bottom line is about.

A matchmaking business works a bit differently. These services rely on their reputation in choosing the best matches for their clients, and if they do not consistently satisfy these clients to maintain that reputation, well they won’t be in business for much longer. Because of how important their reputation is to their brand, when choosing a matchmaker in Austin, members can expect:

  • Personalized services tailored to clients likes and dislikes
  • Dating coach available
  • Time saved from not having to filter our inappropriate matches
  • Privacy
  • Exclusivity
  • Rigorous background checks of all clients
  • Verified profiles of other members


When clients first contact a matchmaker in Austin, the first step of the matchmaking phase is the screening process. During this time, they will have a one-on-one session with a professional staff member who will ask them questions about what they are hoping to achieve with the matchmaking process.

Here is the chance for you to talk about what you hope to get out of the experience, your likes, dislikes, and other important information that the matchmaker needs to know to set up an appropriate match. Additionally, basic information must be provided and verified such as age, name, occupation, and income level.

If a person does not pass the screening phase, their memberships will not be accepted, and this is where potential time wasters or inappropriate clients are filtered out of the system altogether.

After the first step, the next step is generally the interview. The client will meet in person  to have an in-depth meeting where they talk about their values, religious beliefs,.  And also what they want out of a potential match. After this, the client and matchmaking service will come to some sort of an agreement. For example, the client will be matched with three potential partners every month for 12 months.

After the two parties sign the contract, then the search begins.

From the day you sign your agreement with a service, they immediately get to work looking for potential love interests. Dating apps don’t care about finding you a match. After members go on dates through a matchmaker, the matchmaking service and member will offer each other feedback. Additionally, a dating coach is available to offer their own feedback on ways the person can improve their dating etiquette.

With all of these benefits available, going on dates through a matchmaker is the best choice for busy professionals who don’t want to waste time on dating apps. Matchmaking wins over dating apps every time. Texas has only a handful of these services,. Their services are perfect for people who are serious about finding a lifelong partner with the same values and dreams they hold. An Austin Texas Matchmaker is an investment that may just end up in true love.