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We are thrilled that you are interested in trying a different approach to finding love. Whether you are working on building your career or business, or you simply do not want to spend time swiping on apps that only lead to meaningless hookups, Something More can help. We provide professional, high-end matchmaking services for Austin Singles seeking a committed long term relationship. We offer award-winning methods and personal attention to you. Our  matchmaking service, is Austin’s best kept secret for people who are upscale and private. We will respond to you very soon. Feel free to reach out to us at any time



"She and I both feel like we have finally found the one in this world who will make us happy for a very long time. A week or so ago, we were talking a bit about our dating life, and both agreed we'd kissed a lot of frogs before finding one another (although the truth is I hadn't even gotten that far prior to Jennifer). Without any effort, I could write for a while about what makes Jennifer attractive but to be certain it is beyond the fact that she is the cutest girl I've ever known. She has a beautiful soul. She makes me laugh. She makes me happy. That, i.e., falling in love, Julia, is what I hope will happen. I'm already there; Jennifer is almost there herself. That's how much I think this relationship with Jennifer is going to work. Julia, ending the agreement does not mean the end of our relationship. It would be a pleasure to hear from you now and again just to check in. You and I have gone a lot of miles together, and you and your team have worked hard on my behalf. I will always be grateful for what you've done. Thank you for taking me on as a client, for spending countless hours finding potential matches, for counseling, for coaching, for correcting, for putting up with my frustrations, for the wardrobe consultant, the photographs, the calls, and frankly your kindness throughout our time together. " 7/11/23


Amazing matchmaker! The journey with Julia has been second-to-none. Her process Is straightforward and she really listens to what each client is looking for. I've been introduced to some wonderful people and hope to find my true partner for life. Thanks for an interesting and great experience thus far!


I worked with Julia recently and she almost instantly found an absolutely amazing partner for me. She has an extensive network of really high quality people looking for relationships and puts a lot of thought and effort into finding the right fit. I couldn't have been happier with the experience.


I am more than pleased with my experience with Something More. Julia and Deanna have gone above and beyond in helping me find love. They open up a pool of professionals you would NEVER meet on your own. The access to this circle of people is worth it!


I met the owner of Something More, Julia McCurley, through a mutual client of ours.  He had nothing but good things to say about his experience and I was amazed at the quality of women he was matched up with by her.  I have referred several other of my clients to her and they have reported back to me how much she has helped them on their journey to finding love.
She also gives great advice and I have learned alot from her on do's and don'ts in the dating world.  Also, Julia's clientele  are not the kinds of people you would ever find on dating apps. She specializes in helping executives find what they are looking for in a professional and caring manner. I would highly recommend her and her company Something More to anyone who is ready to take a more targeted approach to finding love. 3/12/2022


I decided to give Julia and the team at Something More a try. The Austin dating scene is pretty crazy and finding a great woman who checks all my boxes is a difficult task. They introduced me to several high quality women with similar careers, hobbies, and interests. They made the process very simple and enjoyable. I just had to show up, crack a few jokes, and give feedback after the date. In my opinion, it is worth the investment if you are serious about finding a partner. 5/20/2022


A friend had encouraged me to reach out to a Matchmaking service. I had tried other avenues, dating sites, blind dates, etc. to no avail so it made perfect sense to turn to an expert. After I met with the Julia, the CEO from Something More, I was sold -- I was able to get personalized attention, quality matches, and a white glove experience.
The services you receive are more than just getting dates. They provided me with invaluable date coaching and are truly dedicated to helping their clients achieve their relationship goals. Julia was available to speak with me at anytime and helped me get clarity on  who is the right person for me. I ended up marrying my 3rd match! I am so happy I found my now wonderful wife through Something More, it was truly worth the investment. Thank you Julia! 1/20/2023


I used Something More Matchmaking Service and the matchmaker was truly an angel. She has an in depth initial interview process and really listens to what you need and want in a partner. The first man I went on a date with i knew I had met my husband! Now we’re engaged and planning to be getting married in 2022!   S.M. 11/2/2021


A friend told me to contact Julia after having some trouble dating.  I met with Julia and a year later decided to give her a try.  I have been on several dates with Try Something More and I have to say that her male clients are intelligent, classy and successful people that I have enjoyed meeting.  Julia does her best to figure out what you are looking for and aims to introduce you to like-minded companionship.


I highly recommend Something More. It is a great way to meet single professionals and a lot less work and frustration than posting, searching, and messaging in dating apps. As part of Something More's service, Deanna came to my house to review the existing clothes in my wardrobe, then went to a department store with me to select fashionable outfits for dates.
The arranged dinner dates were enjoyable, even if they didn't turn into a match. I got feedback from Julia and Deanna after the dates that helped me improve my dating skills. Ultimately, I met my girlfriend through Something More, and we've been together for over a year and a half.


After navigating the online dating scene and finding nothing but women who were not ready to commit I decided to give Julia a call. The experience with Julia was top notch. I was introduced to quality ladies who were ready to commit. I didn't have to worry I was dating someone who still married or a criminal. Julia provided a wonderful service that to me is much better than the alternative. Julia was very engaging, kind, thoughtful, and made the whole process easy and relaxing. I would highly recommend Julia for a wonderful Match Making experience! C.F. 11/4/2021


I have been a client of Julia's off and on for a few years. She listens attentively to your needs and has an extensive network. The process is excellent. She hand screens people for you based on your interests, coordinates schedules, sets up the date and collects feedback afterward to refine the match.
One of the things that I like most about the process is that after the date, you both phone into Julia to give feedback and it is a match, she gives you the person's cell phone number.It takes away what can be that be at times an awkward moment at the end of the date if either party is not interested. I have met a number of quality women through Julia's firm and I highly recommend Something More.


Alright, so I normally don't use Yelp (Or anything but foursquare, actually) but with searching around on Google this seemed to pop up first when it comes to leaving feedback for Julia- So, I decided to go on in and give her what she deserves (And, a little insight for the rest)
I'm extremely picky, I mean- I had envisioned this man in my mind that was completely unrealistic and I admit I didn't know much about dating or men. (Prior relationship was extremely long term) I went in there and demanded that Julia find me a hopeless romantic, one who is ready to get on one knee with a rose in his mouth and be forever mine. Oh, and he had to be an intelligent professional who could actually afford a life traveling the world with me.
Well, she gave me way more than that. I won't go into FULL details but I must say my 3 months with Julia and the dates I went on were so amazingly eye-opening and fulfilling (Of course, my last one was the best...)- I lost all sense of loneliness! And then I met my now boyfriend. (He's probably going to laugh at me for writing all of this 🙂 )
Our first date was like a scene from a romantic comedy- we both showed up in awe at the location that was chosen for us to meet (Thanks Dee!), and then we just looked at each other and couldn't stop smiling at the fact that we both just took a huge leap and were doing something we never thought we would do, but we were both having a great time. As we made fun of ourselves, I realized on THAT exact first date that this was the man I was hoping to be mine.
From that day forward we have not spent a day apart. I am so happy, this literally was the best experience of my life. I felt young again, I was excited about life and what I was going to find, I learned so much from the coaching sessions, and the adventure ended very well for me.


Great experience working with Krissy & Deanna. Have met some great people, gone on a couple fun dates & bonded with guys who share similar interests/desires...would recommend to anyone thinking about trying a matchmaking service!


I had a great experience with Something More! I have never tried any sort of online dating just because I feel very nervous about who I will actually end up meeting, that was never the case with something more. Exactly what they told me about my date was accurate, Deanna has been very helpful. I am loving it so far and look forward to continue being a client!


The team at Something More was very professional throughout the entire process. Never made any promises but followed through on their end of the bargain. They do the leg work and you get to go on the date. For a busy professional this paid dividends for me. That help me find exactly the gal I was looking for. Thank you Julia and the crew!


Julia is amazing works. very hard for her clients and is very organized. Also Deanna is the best if you need advice on clothes. They are a amazing company and glad I found them.


Because of Julia and Deanna I met the love of my life. The process was easy and seamless and they were very organized and attentive. I really appreciate you both for your wonderful service! Thanks a million!


I worked with Julia for 4 months before finding my boyfriend. She was really patient with my ever-changing criteria! haha I went out with some great guys and am still friends with a couple! Although not every date was a 100% match I could tell that she was listening. Overall I had a great experience. I would definitely (and have already) recommended her to my single friends!


I cannot say enough good things about Something More and Julia McCurley. Her service is very exclusive, private and tailored to match your needs. Julia listens to your story, your likes and dislikes. She is a master at knowing you better than you know yourself!
She's quick to point out what you may be doing wrong that you may not even be aware of so you don't sabotage your own efforts to find the perfect mate. She is well connected and full of energy and gets to work for you right away. Julia is professional and gets right to the meat of the matter quickly.


I was very impressed with the staff at Something More. A great experience has led me to my first last date. I have found my partner in life!


I joined Something More based on a recommendation from a friend and truly enjoyed the experience. I think it was helpful to get dating tips, even though you may not want to hear them at times, but hey, sometimes we all need an outside opinion to take that extra push to "reinvent" ourselves and to become more attractive to the opposite sex!
It was also great to have people like Julia and Deanna available to ask questions like, what should I wear, where should we go, what should we talk about, especially for anyone a little out of practice. I also enjoyed the fact that I had a professional screening dates for me, instead of trolling a million dating sites and sending emails all day long. This meant less time on the computer and more time actually talking to pre-qualified, high quality, professionals with similar interests and goals. Julia also held a mixer which I attended. At first, I was a nervous to attend, but I wound up having a great time and the whole event was done in a classy, and low pressure environment. I am now dating someone special I met through this service and would recommend Julia and Something More to anyone interested in finding someone here in Austin!


I found Julia's website online and liked what I read. I was cautious after trying the world of online dating. We emailed a few times and then started having phone conversations sometimes lasting until 11pm!! Julia has always been great to talk to about dating, relationships, or anything. Finally, I decided to come in an meet Julia face to face and meet the team.
The whole staff made the process fun. Julia is well connected in Austin and beyond and has a large client base of high quality screened people that are looking for what you are looking for.Julia is very passionate about finding your perfect match!! She is constantly asking questions about what your looking for or not looking for. It is important to be honest with her and your self about this and "communicate" often. They cant find your perfect match if you dont tell them what that is. I found the service to be amazing, customized to me and committed to finding my perfect match.Thanks to the efforts of Julia and her team, I have found the woman of my dreams and we couldn't be happier!!!


I heard about Julia and her matchmaking services through a friend right after my divorce. I wasn't that interested because I've never had trouble getting a date and there's always the online dating world, right?? Wrong! I found online dating to be a full time job and a hook-up scene, not to mention the outdated pictures and lies.
I googled one online date and his mug shot came up! That's when I called Julia. The people who use Julia's services are serious about wanting a relationship. The best part is that Julia does all the work for you ... from the background checks to arranging the date. All you do is show up! And she takes care of the awkward "Follow Up" the next day if you aren't interested!! Even though there wasn't chemistry with a few of of the men she selected, they were great guys and we had a blast. Overall, quality men. As Julia says, "you can't predict chemistry". However, I happen to have chemistry with her most current selection for me and so far, so good! Looking forward to seeing what happens!


After months of online dating, I was frustrated with the whole dating process. I was tired of meeting people who did represent themselves honestly and with whom I had nothing in common .I went to Something More in November as one last chance to meet the person that I had been looking for. 
Julia and Deanna were absolutely great to work with and I can't say enough about their matchmaking skills. After 3 great dates, I was matched with the woman I have been searching for. I would highly recommend Something More to anyone who is searching for that special person in their life. My hat is off to Julia and her staff.


I had a great experience with Something More. The women I met through this service were all around high quality, beautiful and intelligent. With Something More, I knew exactly what I was getting with every match and after a description, I had to agree to meeting her in the first place. It's nice going into a date knowing I didn't need to ask about her values, beliefs and interests.
I learned a lot about myself through this journey. It helped me mold the person I wanted to be with and made me realize I didn't need everything I thought I did in a woman. We all have this ideal vision (Olivia Wilde) in our heads, but what I've learned is beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I met someone special during my time at Something More, and I haven't been this happy in awhile. I see her in my future and hope things turn out as planned. For someone who works as hard as me, time is the most important factor. The ladies at Something More found exactly what I was looking for, and I didn't have to go to the bar to find her. They did their job and they did it well. Thanks a million, ladies!


I enjoyed my experience with Something More. Julia and Deanna have been very courteous to me and I enjoy the opportunities when we are able to catch up on life events. Julia did spend time with me actively seeking and was my "wing woman" on a few occasions. This helped her to more accurately try to match me and it was very helpful and a good learning experience for us both.


Completely nervous and didn't know what to expect I was pleasantly surprised how sweet and helpful Deanna and Krissy were when I got to Something More.... Then I got to meet Julia. Julia is a fireball of a woman who knows exactly what she is doing. We spent hours talking about myself, past relationships and what I wanted.
She asked me things that I didn't even think to ask myself when I had been doing the online dating thing.I went out on my first few dates and they were nice, good looking and respectful but not quite a perfect match.
My last date first date was amazing. We have been dating for 5 months now and things are progressing extremely well and I can honestly say I am head over heels for this man. Julia knew me better than I knew myself and I couldn't be happier with the results!! After online "dating" (if you can really call it that) for about 3 years I am so glad I took the leap and called a professional. I am recommending Something More to my single friends and am looking forward to what the future holds!! THANKS JULIA!!!!!


I was nervous to start dating through a matchmaker, but Julia put me at ease. I tried online dating, going out to social events, and speed dating. Nothing seemed to work. Julia helped me find my match. Deanna is amazing as well. She helped me with my style and confidence to be ready for my dates. I would recommend this service to anyone who feels like they have lost hope.


I got referred to Julia by a friend of mine who has used her services. After getting to know her, it is very obvious she is an expert in her field. All of the matches she provided have exceeded my expectations. It is such an easy process, she vets all the potential matches, arranges the dates, provides feedback, and all I have to do is show up for the dates.
I have tried all the apps, sites with no results. Most of the people i met didn't look like their photos, were dating a bunch of people at the same time, and were dishonest. With Something More, I learned there are indeed quality people out there wanting the same thing I do and are serious about finding love and not just filling up their calendar with dates. I would highly recommend her service to anyone who is serious about getting in a relationship and understands the value of outsourcing, just like you would with an attorney, investment advisor, etc. Trust me, it's worth it.


I have to compliment you on your selection process. Leslie is everything you advertised she would be, and so much more…we talked for hours and only began the process of discovery. As you said, she is stunning, truly so; well educated, yes; artistic, yes; family-oriented and marriage-minded to be sure, traveled, well read, and you knew all that.
I feel blessed to even know that she exists, let alone have the opportunity to meet her. Not wanting to race too far ahead with expectation, I will simply say thank you to you both, and to the goodness of the universe…maybe, just maybe, miracles


"They say finding a diamond is a difficult task. Finding someone to connect with to create an amazing relationship is a difficult task as well. The services at Something More are priceless because they offer a pre-screened quality person to spend my time with who, like me, wants to be in a healthy relationship. I have found my diamond, who is the perfect woman for me. I’m still blown away that the first match they introduced me to is who I am with today. Thanks again!"


"You can search the internet and find plenty of people to date. I did that for a while and enjoyed it, but wanted something more than just casual dating. I wanted to find someone with whom I could connect intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I wanted a man who was willing to share his life with me and build something wonderful.
The team at Something More introduced me to some very nice, quality people. Through the process, they got to know me and helped me find the person I was looking for! I’m very thankful I made the decision to invest in my love life, and I’m especially thankful that Something More was here to help me! "


"What a great service! I was out of the dating game for years and have been employed in a community-sensitive position. For me, online dating options just wouldn’t work. Then I heard about Something More and jumped in. They prepare you well for that first date and how the blind dating process works.
The gentlemen that I went on dates with early in the process were good matches given what I had shared in the screening process. But I was learning more about myself and what I was looking for in a match; I shared my thoughts with Julia. She listened well and coached me. Now I’m much more confident meeting potential dates in social situations. I’m actively dating and having a wonderful time! "


"I signed up for Something More after meeting Julia and had such a great experience. Deanna and Julia were always available if I had questions and set me up with a really great, attractive guy that I ended up dating for six months. I like the way they structured the first date and that I didn’t have any pressure of worrying about giving the guy my number if I was not interested.
It can be hard to meet professional, quality men in Austin and Something More made it easy and stress-free. I would (and have) highly recommended their services to several of my single friends and would definitely use their services again."


"Julia  and the Something More team found my perfect match on the second date! Strongly recommend!!! Something More is fantastic!"


"The service that Julia and her team offer is exceptional. I was hesitant at first but my worries were put to ease with her team. Through Julia’s process, I was matched up with the most wonderful gentlemen and we have been dating ever since. Julia’s service is unique in the sense that I would have never met this wonderful man in my social/work scene.
Julia has the ability to match couples together from different social groups and really gives you the ability to find “something more”. I would recommend her service to anyone who is looking for love."


"Signing up with Something More has been one of the best decision of my life. I am a successful man, with a very busy schedule. Their screening process REALLY works. Julia was able to vet women on a completely different level that I what I was doing before. She goes deeper than just matching up on paper, she builds a real relationship with her clients.
I felt like I was being set up by my younger sister, or a good friend. And that is key here After 3 months of service, Julia and her team introduced me to my now current girlfriend (and possibly future fiancé). I could not be more happier. Highly recommend their service to anyone who is wanting to find Something More."


“Two years after my divorce, I was ready to find a special man in my life.  But how?  I was working full time in a demanding job and raising four young children.  I tried on-line dating and found it to be time consuming and non productive. I found Something More Matchmaking through a Google search. I met with Julia a couple weeks later and after a 3 hour personal interview with her, I was on my way to meeting a very attractive, successful and interesting man.
This relationship lasted 7 months but ultimately wasn’t what I was looking for. Julia set me up again with a very attractive, successful and interesting man. Six months later, we are in a wonderful and committed relationship. He is a perfect partner for me and I am incredibly happy and fulfilled. I know for a fact, without Julia, the chances of us finding this true love with each other would have been slim. So single people out there looking for the right person (not just a date), I encourage you to give Something More a chance.  It’s a short cut to the right person. Julia and Deanna are very knowledgeable, personable, professional, well-connected, intuitive, caring, communicative, trust-worthy and discreet and make the whole experience actually fun. I cannot give a higher recommendation to any company. It was one of the best decisions I ever made."


“I found myself divorced in my early 40s and ready to date.  Because I worked in a male-dominated industry, it was difficult to meet single professional women who also had children.  Online dating options did not appeal to me.  Something More seemed to be a much more attractive alternative.  My instincts were correct.  
Thanks to Julia and Deanna, I’m well on my way to a year in a relationship with an incredible woman who I assuredly would not have met otherwise.Additionally, I felt that everyone I was set up with was a high-quality individual.  The fact that I am extremely picky and was able to meet someone who exceeded my expectations is further testament to the caliber of people the service attracts.  From everyone I have talked to who has tried various dating services in Austin, the consensus is that Something More is far and away the best. Several reviews have raised an issue concerning the cost of the service.  The price tag is definitely not for everyone’s budget, but from my understanding, Something More is priced similarly to comparable services in other major cities.  Furthermore, because I was looking for a woman who was financially independent, the price tag was actually a plus.  MasterCard has almost made it a cliché to say that something is “priceless,” but truly, you can’t value the importance of finding the right relationship.  Knowing what I know now, the membership fee was a bargain.My hope in writing this review is that it will help someone else decide to take the plunge and give Something More a try.  I remember that I was a little skeptical before I signed up, but I couldn’t be happier with the results.  Let Julia and Deanna take care of you as well.”


"Something More is exactly that…something more than your typical dating expectations. I’ve tried online dating on and off a few times and never really had much success. I continued to see the same guys on each site and a lot of their profiles were very similar. Nothing stood out and I was in a cycle of boring, interview-type dates. As a young, single professional in an amazing city, Something More goes far beyond online dating or trying to meet someone at a bar.
They really take the time to get to know you, learn your likes/dislikes, and find quality guys who line up with your expectations. Online dating can be very misleading (and sometimes scary for a girl), so knowing that the ladies at Something More have gone above and beyond to screen these guys is very reassuring in the dating process. You get what you pay for! Deanna was extremely organized with setting up the date. She helped me decide what to wear, organized the time and location, notified me what my date was wearing, and was thorough with following through the next day to see how it went! I highly recommend Something More if you’re wanting caliber guys and valuable relationships."


“We are in a committed, exclusive relationship & deeply care about each other. I told her a little while back that I was in it for the long haul.  She is as well. So there you have it, another love story in-the-making thanks to you !”


"I highly recommend this service to fellow Austinites that are wanting to meet people of substance. Meeting people through the bar scene is a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re busy! Julia and Dee have an extensive database of genuine and great matches that are looking for the same things in a relationship. I met a wonderful gentleman my first date and look forward to the future with the assistance of the ladies at Something More"


"Love is not scientific. We all know that. But with a matchmaking service like Something More in Austin, the chances of finding true love increase exponentially. Julia McCurley is a truth-telling, honest woman who knows the matchmaking business well – she should – she’s been in it five years now as the president of her own company.
The results? Numerous successful matches, marriages and overall happiness that many of her clients find when they enlist her services. If you’re looking for love and want to increase your chances for it, then chances are you may want to consider trying Something More."


"I have been hesitant to put such a personal review and “put it out there” but obviously I changed my mind. I have known Julia for the past two years and it took me a while before I agreed to take the leap and engage a “matchmaking” service.
However it has been a very good experience working with Julia and her team who very thoughtfully introduce me to women based on each of our respective needs and our ideal match. I have not met the perfect woman…yet…but I can’t think of a better way to leverage my time and resources than having Something More on my team. Thanks Julia and Deanna".


"Exceeded my expectations! Alex, Deanna, and Julia, you all are AMAZING. From the time I walked in door, I was comfortable and felt very relaxed. I would highly recommend Something More because you can tell that they really do care about matchmaking.
The screening process was easy, and they really want to make sure they are finding you with the right match. I went on a few dates and am currently seeing where things go. I’ll definitely be back considering they hold your privacy and values first and foremost."


"This is a great experience and I think Julia and her team are spot on. I had never tried matchmaking before. I gave the Something more’s team what I was looking for and they were able to find exactly that. I was very impressed.
They set me up on multiple dates and I have had an incredible experience. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for someone special. Additionally Julia and her team offer great insight into dating which is a bonus. I’ve learned a lot and I love their service."


"Julia is a sweet lady that truly cares about her clients. Very professional in her assessments and i would trust her with my business. Would recommend 10 times out of 10!"


"I am forever grateful in finding Julia and Deanna. I am even more grateful that I took the plunge to invest in their services and expertise in finding a match that was perfect for me. You can't buy back valuable time, so the money invested into a matchmaking service such as Something More was totally worth it. It's not the atypical online dating business.
It's a successful business where Julia focuses her energies on conducting extensive searches that end with quality introductions of potential matches. On my third introduction I met a kind, smart, and wonderful man that ultimately made me a believer again that true, family-oriented gentlemen do really exist. I am excited for what the future holds for both me and my family."


"Julia is an incredible matchmaker! She and her team have added incredible value to my life by introducing me to a wonderful man with whom I see a long and exciting future! Through the process, I met two gentlemen, both high quality "matches" and the second one was the winner!! Can't recommend her highly enough! A.P. "


“Julia = Matchmaker Extraordinaire and Deanna = Amazing Assistant! From the first meeting I had with Julia, she knew exactly who to connect me with. Deanna covered every detail of the first date from choosing the perfect restaurant to helping the now love of my life pick out his outfit! Julia has an amazing ability to match couples. I am forever grateful to her for introducing me to the most incredible man and the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thank you Julia and Deanna.”


I went into my meeting with you with neutral expectations and I enjoyed our informative, productive, open and pleasant discussion. I remain fascinated with Heather and discover something new every time we are together. I am convinced that you apply both your experience and intuitive attributes toward a sincere consideration for the best interests of each of your clients.


Everything with Amy is going fantastic. Safe to say that we’re in an exclusive, committed, fun girlfriend / boyfriend relationship. She’s met & has been interacting with my son and I’ve been meeting some of her close family members. Things are progressing nicely & easily. Amy’s amazing & I’m very grateful to you for introducing us.


“Because of Julia and Deanna I met the love of my life. The process was easy and seamless and they were very organized and attentive. I really appreciate you both for your wonderful service! Thanks a million! ”