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Looking for Luxury Matchmaking in Austin?

Are you looking for luxury matchmaking in Austin? You have it all, so why stop at matchmaking?  Something More has been providing luxury matchmaking in Austin for over 11 years.  If you are someone that values time over money, then luxury matchmaking is the right service for you.

Something More is known as the premier luxury matchmaking service in Austin.  We provide gold star service tailored to each of our client’s needs and preferences.  

The whole point of using a matchmaking service is so that you don’t have to spend your precious free time swiping and messaging people. Thee are people that you have no idea if they even want a relationship,. They perhaps  are dating a bunch of people, maybe are still married or not emotionally available.

How many times have you been hoodwinked by someone . They checked all your boxes on their profile, was sending you sexy messages, made you feel special, and seemed like your perfect match then ghosted you? Maybe you even actually went on a date, continued to get your hopes up and reassured you they share your same relationship goals.

But then they started being mysteriously unavailable, providing you with lots of excuses like I got busy at work, my family is town, or had to go on a last minute business trip.. This will leave you wondering if they are not who they say they are, have mis-intentions, are in a relationship and you may be even  just a side piece.

With matchmaking, you receive personalized attention to ascertain your personality type seeking in a potential candidate for dating.

 They will personally meets with a pool of prospects to weed out the common dangers of online dating. It’s about getting professional advice from a matchmaker who spends quality time in assessing you. They can understand your  desire for love far more accurately than any algorithm can ascertain.  You are benefiting from professional experience in the field of dating so that you are not alone in your decision making.

In harnessing the talents of such a professional, you have increased your chances of success. As they say you get what you pay for.  A Matchmaker is the equivalent the the services offered by a corporate headhunter looking to find the next CEO. But only this time it  is  with the express purpose of locating  your perfect other half.

By entrusting your love life to an expert, you are being helped by a trained eye.

This will minimize the risk factor and maximize the chances you will achieve your relationship goals in the most strategic way possible.

They are a person who is experienced in bringing people together that have like-minded goals. One of the biggest aspects that is overlooked in online dating is the fact that it can be next to impossible to know what the other person wants until you are several dates in.

We need more than just their electronic words.  It is imporant to engage all of our senses from reading their facial expressions, bathing in their eye contact, hearing the sound of their voice, feeling their touch , even smelling them!

Spending time liking friending, linking, DM-ing, texting can make you feel like you are connecting to others, but it may actually make your life even more isolated. Reading even a very heartfelt “LYL” text just can’t hold a candle to someone holding your hand and saying, “I love you” to your face.

So get off the computer and get out there in the real world.

This is  where you could actually find the person of your dreams in the flesh, not a virtual persona that will surely disappoint you. Trust me, there is a huge universe of people just like you who are looking for the same thing. It’s time to try luxury matchmaking in Austin to increase your chances of achieving  your relationship goals.

Let’s compare that online dating to what you will experience experience to working with a luxury matchmaking service.

Something More clients receive a custom search based on the criteria of the candidate they are looking for. Our focus is on finding the right match for our clients that are pre-screened especially for them.  Our job is a bit like detective work. You give us the characteristics of the person you are seeking, and we locate that person whether it is who is on our clientele list or someone we recruit specifically for you.

We network, research online, attend events, join organizations. We often approach people at charity events, restaurants, shops, and other public spaces. These are some of the lengths matchmakers go to find our clients potential matches. Rest assured, before any introduction is made, we personally interview and screen every potential introduction. We have no problems turning down someone if any red flags occur.

With Something More, unlike the saying goes, finding love is not a numbers game with us.  Our focus is on quality, not quantity, we know how valuable your time is.

Here is how you begin your journey to finding love with a luxury matchmaking service


In the initial consultation a potential client and a Certified  Professional Matchmaker sit down for a very personal conversation. It is important to confirm that there is mutual interest, chemistry, and understanding of all expectations within our working relationship. It is essential that our client is 100 % ready, comfortable, and excited to take this journey.

As a company it is of great importance that we feel confident in our ability to represent the client before inviting the client to join our firm. It is our jjob to have a clear understanding of our clients mindset, lifestyle and relationship goal’s before moving forward.

2. Membership Selection

Choose your membership package. Our team starts performing its magic behind the scenes. We sift through our databases, interview potential candidates and select only the ones that are suitable for you based on the information you have provided.

3.Custom Search

Any potential singles who are chosen as your match undergo an in-depth screening process. This includes a background check and a personal interview to make sure we are introducing you to your best possible match.

4.Match Selection

Once we feel confident about a potential match, you will be presented with a comprehensive profile that contains photos (optional) and pertinent information. Then you can decide if you would like us to make the introduction.

So not only are the individuals that we recruit of the highest quality possible, you remain in control of who and how you date.

5.Meet Your Match

We will prepare your first date by selecting a venue and making reservations of your preference. Let us do all the heavy lifting so that you can focus on finding love. This is where all the initial work pays off. At this point,  they will also provide pre-date coaching or advice, to ensure that you have a positive experience.

6.Date Feedback

After each introduction; we want to hear all about what went well on your date, and if anything can be improved.  As a result,  this helps us to fine-tune our search so we can bring you closer to finding your loving partner. There are many benefits of having a professional matchmaker assisting with your dating.

Most of all, you don’t have to wonder what the other person thought of your experience together. Matchmakers collect feedback from both you and your date.

Dating and relationships are still built and nurtured the same old-fashioned way.  Love is about face to face interaction. After all, that is the only way to determine chemistry.  Frankly, while my client’s weddings are getting more and more connected to social media, nobody texts “I do.”  Some things only work when you actually talk to one another.  Human beings are at our core extremely social animal, We crave the physical and emotional interaction that we can only get while in the presence of other humans.

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