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First Date Strategies That Lead To 2nd Dates

There are many first date strategies that lead to 2nd dates.  It is an important behavior that can impact the chances of getting a second date. Genevieve Zawada, Certified Matchmaker and Founder of Elect Club , London’s most exclusive and prestigious matchmaking service, weighs in with tips on how to be good at first date etiquette.

A first date is always nerve wracking and some people love them or hate them, a bit like marmite. As Professional Matchmakers, we are always being asked to give date advice and top tips so we thought it about time we tackled the issue of first date etiquette.

Here are some essential skills to mastering the art of first date etiquette:

Recently Genevieve was asked to go on Sky’s Love Talk show to give advice to viewers on first date etiquette. You can see what was said in the following video and also find some essential key points below. Take note, relax and get prepared!

Genevieve’s First Date Tips on SkyLove Show
First Date Etiquette Preparation

There are some really simple steps you can follow to ensure you have good first date etiquette:

1. Speak to each other at least 24 hours before you are meeting so you are comfortable
hearing each other’s voice. Confirm where you are meeting and at what time.
2. Preparation is key, so ensure you have plenty of time to get ready and ideally don’t
go straight from work. This allows you to relax and feel good.
3. Wear clothes that you are comfortable in and make you feel confident.
4. Smell nice. A little bit of perfume or aftershave is a must.
5. Brush teeth. Oral hygiene is key.

First Date Etiquette

1. Smile, everyone likes a smile and a smile says so much more than words.
2. Don’t eat food, just have a drink, keep it simple, go for a walk, and somewhere you
can talk to get to know each other better.
3. Don’t get drunk on the date or drink before the date.
4. Be your natural self and don’t pretend to be someone you are not or make out that you are someone else. Relax and be you.
5. Keep your mobile phone switched off.
6. Don’t talk about ex-partners or any past relationship disasters or even great past
relationships. You are there to know about each other and get to know the date you are on.
7. Talk about holidays, your hobbies, interests, food, funny things you have done, keep it light and fun.
8. Avoid talking too much about work or questioning your date about work, you don’t
want it turning into an interview or business meeting.
9. Ask questions of each other, nothing too deep and meaningful unless you are both in that space, but be curious and ask questions of your dates life, interests and fun
things that they like and things that they really don’t like. Find similarities and
share stories with each other so you are comfortable with each other.
10. Be polite and courteous to each other, Guys remember chivalry it goes a long way.
11. Girls say thank you if the guy buys you drinks.
12. If you go in for the kiss on a date, don’t wait until the end of the date, if there is
a moment that seems appropriate then just test the water with a light fun flirty kiss
and take it from there.

What Next?

1. If you like the person you are on a date with say so! Tell them you have had a nice
time and want to see them again.
2. If it hasn’t gone well, be polite and say that you feel it wouldn’t be right to see
them again. It’s best to be friends.

Well, we hope you have some good tips about first date strategies  that make you feel more comfortable, but essentially being yourself and have fun!