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Dating Tips When You Are Newly Single

I have alot of dating tips when you are newly single. After being in a serious relationship , the thought of being alone can be quite troubling.  Also if you were not wanting the relationship to end, you may have trust issues.  You may feel vulnerable and scared about being alone for the first time in many years. As a Professional Matchmaker , I counsel singles every day on how to increase their chances of finding love again after ending a serious relationship with tried and true dating tips.

Its time to make a plan of action to reboot your love life.  Just like in business you write up a business plan, the same can be done in your love life.

Here are my top dating tips for when you are newly single on how to find the next love of your life.

1. Increase your datability quotient. Make a list of what you like about yourself, identify your strengths, and what you have to offer someone. Ask friends and family what they think your best attributes are.  Because they know you and your desires, your loved ones will likely beat out most online dating algorithms in making good matches which are excellent dating tips.

2. Re-tool  your first impression.  As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.   Go through your closet and put together date outfits to make sure you look your best.  Hire a personal shopper to select flattering outfits that will catch people’s eyes is one of my top dating tips.

3. Write a business plan for finding love.

  • What are your objectives? To find a mate.
  • What are your goals? To get healthier, develop a higher self-esteem.
  • What are your strategies? Perhaps you need to hire a personal trainer, get therapy.
  • What are your tactics? Join some singles groups, take classes, try new things, be more accessible

4.  Network, Network, Network: Just as people find jobs through networking, a great way to find a good personal match is through friends and friends of friends.  Reconnect with your single friends who likely have a wealth of knowledge that can help you get exposed to other singles. Connecting with people in your same situation will create opportunities to meet new people.

Getting back in the dating saddle can feel awkward and intimidating after spending years in a serious relationship. You may have been out of the loop for a while but with a little preparation and patience, you’ll be ready to jump right back into the dating pool before you know it. Follow these dating tips and love will be knocking at your door in no time.