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Stop Waiting And Start Dating

It’s time to stop waiting and start dating. Professional Matchmaker and Founder of Something More, Julia McCurley is an expert in connecting you with the most successful and attractive singles in Austin. We guarantee to introduce you to compatible, single, like-minded professionals who suit your desired qualifications in a mate. We can help you start dating now.

When working with Julia and her team, you will have peace of mind knowing your match has been pre-approved and wants to meet you. Singles that choose a professional matchmaker understand and appreciate the work that goes into making a solid recommendation. When you start dating, you will only meet other singles looking for love, not a hook up.

There are many benefits of hiring a professional. You will never have the worry of searching for your own dates. In some cases your love expert works with a dating concierge and books your first date. That way you have no more waiting and can start dating.

Here are just a few great date ideas when you start dating that suit your lifestyle:

Casual dates
For singles that are on the go and really want to meet face to face in order to determine physical attraction or chemistry, coffee dates are your ideal option. This allows for a very easy going relaxed first meeting and typically you reserve anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour so you have an opportunity to get to know each other better.

Outdoor dates
For singles that really enjoy the outdoors planning a date outside allows you to get to know your date in your environment. You can strike up great conversation about things you notice in your activity. Some great first date ideas include planning to meet at a public park for a walk, walking your dogs at a dog park or to attend an outdoor street festival.

Dinner Dates
For all of you foodies a dinner date is a great first date idea for singles who share their passion for cuisine. The range of options from a casual burger joint to a fine dining restaurant can change based on your unique lifestyle.

Activity based dates
Activity based dates are a great first date idea for couples who are just getting to know each other. When you participate in a shared activity you both enjoy, you can really have a lot of fun together. Laughter is an amazing ice breaker and it also gets rid of awkward silence. Great first date ideas include bowling, hiking, roller blading or hitting a driving range. When you participate in activity dates that raise your endorphin levels, it triggers positive emotions and reduces stress!

Something More takes the worry and hassle out when you want to start dating. Stop waiting and start dating!