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Something More is the only locally owned personalized matchmaking service created in Austin for Austin Executive Men. Julia McCurley, Founder and Certified Matchmaker, is an expert in the field of helping Austin single men find true love. She and her team get to know you one-on-one, coordinate all your dates & guide you through the process of finding the right relationship. Here is why thousands of Austin singles have entrusted us to find them the most important person they will ever meet.
Some firms claim to be able to service their clients in Austin even though they have no local office, no local employees, a skimpy database and treat you like a number not a name. Something More is the only matchmaking service created in Austin for Austin singles.
Our Clients receive five star service because all our Matchmakers only manage a handful of clients at any one time. This ensures that you get the attention, time commitment, and exclusivity that you deserve. Our CEO and Certified Matchmaker Julia McCurley personally hand selects and approves each of our client’s matches. Who cares more about client satisfaction than the owner of the company?
Julia McCurley has over 20,000 hours of professional matchmaking experience since she started the company in 2009. All of your matches are screened and vetted by Julia, no algorithms involved! They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert, so rest assured, you are in good hands with Julia and her team.
With Something More you are not just limited to being introduced to only other Clients. Our focus is on finding you the most compatible match for you regardless of the source. We attend charity events, professional networking events, alumni events, and might even approach an attractive man or woman in the produce aisle! Julia spent over 10 years as a headhunter in the IT space and is a natural networker. She truly has never met a stranger and its not uncommon for her to approach that attractive person standing in the corner at Starbucks on her clients behalf.
You can never get your time back. How much of it have you wasted on your phone swiping and liking? Ask yourself, how have the last 6 months gone for you? How many perfect dates have you gone on in even the last 3 months? To demonstrate what a time sucker dating apps, going to bars/networking can be, we’ve compiled a chart based on the average amount of time and money clients were spending before finding us.

If you value your time at $200 per hour, you are spending $64,000 in the next 6 months on finding love. That is a pretty terrible ROI. Dating apps and sites want you to spend hours on their sites, that’s how they make money. Why would they want you to find a relationship? They want you to renew your subscription. With Something More, it’s our goal to make this experience with us the fastest, most efficient, and strategic way to find and keep love. The clock is ticking, its time to take action.
We only accept Members that we deem suitable for our services. Some factors we consider for admission are your values, goals, mindset, and overall eligibility. When you choose us, you will only be matched with like minded singles that share your relationship goals
Your profile is confidential and will only be viewed by our Matchmakers. We will write a custom bio for you to approve prior to sharing with any potential matches. First names only and no contact information is revealed until both parties agree to a second date.
The same Matchmaking expert will attend to your needs from Day One, till the day you bid us farewell. When you choose us over other services, you will receive greater accountability, a much deeper relationship and understanding between Matchmaker and Client.

We are the only matchmaking service in Austin that provides photos of all matches that you get to personally approve prior to any introduction..

Another aspect of Something More that sets us apart from other matchmaking companies is our 24/7 availability and weekly chats. Weekly conversations are important because we take your worries, thoughts, and concerns to heart. We are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have, (ex. what to wear on a first date, what to say when you get nervous and blank, etc.), as well as to just be a friendly, comforting hand in navigating you through your dating life.


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