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Our Matchmaking Process is tried and true as exemplified by the thousands of people we have helped on their journey to finding love and happiness since 2009. The personal nature of our services and our selectivity on your behalf ensures you will only be introduced to  individuals who best meet your criteria.  To that end,  we employ a rigorous and proprietary 6 phase matchmaking process to ensure our client’s relationship goals are achieved in the most productive and effective manner as possible. 

The first step in our matchmaking process is to complete a personal interview with our CEO Julia McCurley. In this private one on one meeting, Julia will help you to determine what type of partner or relationship is right for you. During this phase we will identify your preferences, must haves, deal breakers, evaluate dating and relationship patterns and consider areas of improvement, and what the right relationship looks like for you.

Our team performs an extensive search process that includes a custom search both inside and outside our database. Our goal is to find you your ideal match regardless of source. Consider us your headhunters for the heart! We curate a list of hand selected matches especially for you.
Once we have created your potential match list, the candidates will be interviewed and vetted to discover their personality, value and belief system, emotional availability, body language, physical appearance, and physical attraction. Vetting includes careful and critical examination in the screening process to increase the chances of a successful introduction.
We formulate a comprehensive presentation of all potential matches which includes photos, personality characteristics, lifestyle, similar interests and values and any additional information gained for a more informed decision by the Client.
Finally we reach the most exciting phase of the process, where Client and their match meet on an arranged date in a suitable venue conducive to a successful outcome, leading to a second and third date. No contact information is exchanged until both parties agree to a second date to maintain privacy.
After the date, we follow up with both clients about how the date went. We will provide you with detailed date feedback and hopefully move on to a second date! In this phase any red flags are identified and addressed. Both Clients and their matches learn a lot about each other and themselves. The post-date feedback is used to improve future matches until ultimately the right match is made.
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