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Dating Apps Vs Matchmaking

Dating apps vs matchmaking is something many singles ponder about. Prior to online dating , you could only meet people at school, church, work, in bars. Perhaps a family member or neighbor would set you up. Now  internet dating is a viable option for anyone seeking more avenues to find love. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages to finding love online:

1.Online dating can be dangerous:

Of course, nothing in life is guaranteed and there are many dangers in  using dating apps. Fraud is rampant and you may even run the risk of identity theft . People’s lives have been destroyed by romance scams. Dating apps vs matchmaking is a no brainer.

2. Online dating sites and dating apps have been infiltrated by the porn industry.

3.  Deception has proliferated the online dating world  as well as dating apps resulting in many more broken hearts.

You have no idea if the person you “meet online” is married, a serial cheater or dater . A recent surveys indicated that as many as 40% of the profiles marked “single” on a popular dating site looking to have affairs.  Matchmaking is  a more efficient and legitimate way to meet vetted singles who are legally available.

4,  There are no legal protections for online dating resulting in less reporting of crimes

On the other hand, there are many benefits in utilizing the services of a professional matchmaker.

  1. You receive personalized attention to ascertain what you are seeking in a potential candidate.
  2. Higher level of screening and vetting. They will personally meet with a pool of prospects and only introduce you to compatible matches.
  3. Provides professional advice in assessing you and your situation far more accurately than any personality test online ever could.

You have increased your chances of success by using a matchmaker.

They will require more monetary compensation but you’ll be getting the better deal. You minimize the risk factor and maximize the benefits by employing an expert who knows how to find your perfect match.