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Austin Dating Trends: The Rise of Personalized Matchmaking

There are quite a few Austin dating trends because singles have had it up to here with the endless cycle of deleting and downloading dating apps that get them nowhere. In many ways what is old is new again.  I am talking about the rise of personalized matchmaking in the digital age.

When I started Something More back in 2009, many people were quite skeptical that it was a viable business because of the dating app popularity. It makes sense they were so popular because dating apps seemed like a convenient and straightforward way to connect with like-minded singles. Singles who live near you, have similar interests and hobbies and are looking for a relationship.

But then there is the principle of unintended consequences these dating apps created. Ghosting, deception, time sucker, lack of quality matches, fake profiles, outdated photos, and finally the companies themselves. Dating apps are designed to keep users renewing their subscriptions, not find a relationship. After all the more subscribers they have the more money they make. They literally have zero incentive to do real matchmaking, it’s all based on algorithms.

And the most frightening fact of all is that dating apps are actually addicting. The founder of Tinder admits that he developed the app to disrupt the marketplace. Tinder literally gamified the entire dating industry with their swiping technology which is based on gambling. 

Enter 2024 -both Match Group and Bumble have lost over $40 Billion since 2021. Younger users do not want to use dating apps and now prefer SnapChat and TikTok to make connections primarily because they are cheaper.

The problem is investors love subscription based models because it is recurring revenue. BUT unlike with Spotify or Netflix, dating apps can’t guarantee you will find what you are looking for. 

Essentially dating apps are the same way they have been for over a decade. There is little product innovation going on which is starting to hurt these companies big time. For example, Bumble just laid off 30% of its workforce. Match Group’s stock price was at $169 a share in 2021 and now is a measly $34. 

Having said all of this, the dating app industry is not going anywhere. That’s because at it’s core, dating and finding love is an innate human behavior. 

So if dating apps aren’t working what are the alternative ways to find love? In today’s current dating environment singles are looking for meaningful connections, not just time-wasting. They have an all-or-nothing mindset. If values and interests don’t match up, they aren’t interested in spending any time with them. Singles are now focused more on feeling empowered to make choices in their own best interest. The current state of dating in America is trending toward dating yourself first.

So what about using a personalized matchmaking service? Matchmakers are all about getting their clients to meet in person ASAP. Billions of dollars have been spent trying to replicate the experience of meeting face-to-face. And it’s never been mimicked ever so that is why personalized matchmaking is getting more popular. So to avoid the headache and heartache of the apps altogether, many Gen Z daters are simply logging off and turning to matchmaking. 

The interest in matchmaking coincides with a rise in online dating burnout. People are investing much more in real relationships by opening up their wallets not just their hearts. By being intentional and choosing to make a financial commitment,  they’re getting success much faster, through outsourcing their love life to a professional matchmaking service. 

Just because someone would rather pay a professional to find them a date, it doesn’t mean they’re lazy — it actually means they’re taking it pretty seriously. Personalized Matchmaking is an old-fashioned approach to finding love in a more target and intentional way. Rather than just going on random dates, matchmakers vet and screen potential dates for their clients so that by the time they meet in person, the only missing component is if there is chemistry or not. Typically you can figure that out within an hour or two. 

Here are five benefits  a  personalized  matchmaking service can offer that dating apps don’t provide:

1. Personal Connection

You will meet a matchmaker face to face so they can get acquainted with you, your personality, lifestyle, expectations, and desired qualities in a partner. A matchmaker is able to go deeper than an app profile with a few photos and a brief description. A Matchmaking service in Austin looks at the complete picture and personally selects individuals where there’s potential chemistry.

2. Pre-screened Singles

Each of your matches will be pre-screened and hand-selected to ensure they meet your desired partner’s must haves. Everyone you will be introduced to is not dating other people, for sure is looking for a committed relationship, and is emotionally available. How many dates would it take for you to find out that information on your own?

3. Quality Dates

So much time is wasted on apps going back and forth, interacting with numerous people until you finally lock in a date with someone. Once you do, the date can be lackluster and you’re back at square one.

A matchmaking service in Austin maximizes your time by scheduling dates on your behalf with someone who’s equally invested in meeting someone and having quality interactions. No back and forth, no figuring out where to go, all you have to do is show up and enjoy getting to know your match.

4. Feedback

Wondering whether the date was a success? A matchmaking service in Austin checks in with their clients to see what went well and what didn’t. You receive invaluable post-date feedback and insight from a neutral party who knows both individuals and how each one may have perceived the date differently and why.

5. Coaching

Matchmaking services not only provide feedback but also coaching advice to enhance the dating experience and ensure you’re getting the most out of your membership.. A matchmaking service in Austin. streamlines the entire process so that your time is spent getting to know someone who is already a great match, rather than wading through endless profiles trying to decipher fact from fiction.