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Benefits of using a local austin matchmaker

Tired of all the swiping and done with the online dating scene? There are many reasons why I am excited to share the highlights of working with a local matchmaker right here in Austin!

Austinites tend to lead busy and technology focused lives. Often, the human side to dating (the side you need, want, and the side that matters) can be hard to uncover. The benefits of using a local  Austin matchmaker is that they have a local staff — they live here, too! Meeting in person, both of you can get to the heart of who you are and what you need.

Supporting local businesses? That’s a no- brainer. By choosing a local matchmaker, you will have more of a curated experience. 

Benefits of using a local Austin matchmaker is that they are part of our community. You may be unaware, but many local professionals are proud members of the Austin Chamber of Commerce, which not only commits them to a certain set of standards but guarantees the quality and reputation of their offering. 

Meet Your Matchmaker Face to Face

The nature of personal interaction, especially in the matchmaking process where the ultimate goal is to form a life-long partnership, is essential.

You should want your matchmaker to know not only they type of person you are looking for but also get to know who you are. You can’t do that over emailing or over the phone. With an in-person meeting, your matchmaker can get to know your real personality and that is a huge part of finding a the right match for you. Also, you get a chance to know your matchmaker and be sure that your working relationship will be a successful one. 

Boosting the Local Austin Economy

Using a locally owned and operated Austin matchmaker is a powerful act of economic activism. There’s a lot of truth in the saying, “Put your money where your house is,” and, next, to buying local food and drink, nothing will have more direct financial impact than choosing entertainment—dating—that’s locally owned and operated.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

Jobs: Your favorite local matchmaking service is staffed by Austinites, who might spend some of their income right down the street from where you live to support their dating habits.

Entrepreneurship: Each one of us has dreams: artists, musicians, business owners, software developers, marketers, and, yes, matchmakers too.

Keep Austin weird: It’s getting to be less and less weird here in Austin. Let’s not become Dallas or Houston. Austin still has a good bit of the “old town” left. Do what you can to help us keep our unique charm.

A Matchmaker Vested in the Austin Community

When you’re working with a local matchmaker who is also very involved in her community, it can seriously pay off. A matchmaker who knows the unique social dynamics and culture of the City of Austin will have an understanding of dating and making matches that will be totally foreign to her more generic competitors. 

The Austin social scene can seem pretty hectic to some folks. But, many of us have been working, hanging, dating, and loving people here for decades. The Austin folks you’ll find on our matchmaking rolls will be a highly informed and carefully curated group. Your personal, local matchmaker will help find someone who loves Franklin’s BBQ as much as you do. 

You’ll only see women you meet at classy places like the Four Seasons or “oldies, but goodies” dives like Don’s Depot. Or maybe you need to avoid dating the drummer in your friend’s band or everyone at their house of worship – and their last twenty-five exes – no worries, we can help with that, too.

Working with a local matchmaker means working with a more personal matchmaker. Whereas larger, less local dating sites aren’t able to provide users with feedback just by being so large, the matches you’ll find through our local site are offered with the advantage of an ongoing dialogue with them before, during, and following your dates. 

Access to the Largest Database of Austin Singles

Having a larger pool of local Austin singles provides a few different advantages.

One of these advantages has to do with the fact that Austin is an amazing city. The city is truly invigorating, vibrant, and alive, with a wide range of diverse individuals from different backgrounds, with different interests, values, and goals. In other words, no matter what you’re looking for in a partner, there’s bound to be someone just like that here in Austin!

Another advantage of our larger singles scene here in Austin–and I feel another significant factor that plays into the success rates of local Austin matchmakers–is the fact that local matchmakers have a massive pool of singles to pair and match together. This way, matchmakers will be able to pair like-minded singles with one another. This is something that many popular online dating platforms simply can’t do.

With a local matchmaker, however, if you mention to them, for example, that you are looking for someone who is “real” or “down to earth,” this isn’t going to be a barrier for them–in fact, they’ll know who this “real” or “down to earth” individual is!

Another huge benefit of having a larger local singles scene here in Austin are the many advantages that come with community (since we are actually a very close-knit community that regularly hosts a variety of different singles events to help Austin singles meet, mix, and mingle with one another in a low-pressure environment).

Local Office and Phone Number for Easy Access

There’s something to be said, in this era of quick everything, for the seeming old-fashioned convenience of having a local office and phone number for consultations and support. For Austin’s local matchmaker, this is now about more than convenience, but the quality of the service you receive. 

In the matchmaking arena, a phone number and local address are at the top, above all things, as it’s the base of the entire relationship you want to form with a trusted matchmaker. It’s about quality of service.

A local address/phone number means that you have a matchmaker from your hometown. They know the unique environment and culture you’re dating in because they live it, too. The office is very familiar with the surroundings and what it’ll look like from your side of the desk because it’s in your community. There is some bonus security for you and future people you might match with, as matchmaking is a networking, word-of-mouth business. A physical office, not just a website, is a must in modern matchmaking.

Quality of service in the matchmaking world means that you start dealing with a matchmaker from the first interaction at the local and national level. Austin’s local matchmaker has a direct line that you communicate on at the moment you are ready. It’s not a 1-800 number that goes into a call center for someone else to filter out who you are and promote you to another random matchmaker in a non-structured way. You speak directly to her, and she manages your dating needs.

The convenience of the quality of service makes sense. People are more likely to choose a higher quality service if they feel comfort in reaching out. It’s making sure people are talked to quickly upon starting to go out on dates and are getting the consultations and support they need. After all, getting quality service and having that local office and phone number make love a hell of a lot easier!

Trusted Member of the Austin Chamber of Commerce

For an Austin matchmaker, the presence of an Austin Chamber of Commerce badge on their website is a great selling point.

To put this into context, being a member of the Austin Chamber of Commerce means that the local matchmaker:

    • Is a real business (which is an important box to tick when you’re trying to convince a stranger to use your business to set them up with other strangers)

    • Have a physical location (same problem as above; to see a solution, keep reading)

    • And that they have gone through a background check from their local Chamber

    • Remember, the Chamber of Commerce has a reputation to protect (almost 300 businesses have been denied entry because [banned] companies have found a way to setup and run operations from Nashville (looking at you, regulation on the Escort industry). Chances are, being members of the local Chamber of Commerce means that they are allowed to operate in a town or city and haven’t been run out just yet.

Does this add credibility? In a way, it does. But when it comes to online dating, a local matchmaker is definitely worth working with if they have a proven operational and confirmable history. It certainly helps build trust.

Customized and Personal Service

A local Austin matchmaker is going to be there for you as much as you need, to help you in any way that you need when it comes to dating and relationships. You will not find the kind of personalized service and care from online dating. They take the time to get to know you, and what you value in a person and in a relationship, so the people you meet will more likely be compatible with you.

Supporting the Local Economy and the Local Austin Community

Being there for the people in your community is very important. You never know when you may need someone to be there for you as well. Never forget how lucky you are to have been matched with the right person for you. Since you have been matched, never forget that you should continue to do what you can to help to grow and strengthen the community around you for the other people who live here and who have not yet been matched.