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Last Minute Valentines Date Ideas

Wish you know about some last minute Valentines date ideas? We have a year every year to plan the next Valentines date with our sweetheart, yet of all the holidays on the yearly calendar, the one designated for romance never fails to trip guys up. Blame mixed messages: While retailers consider the holiday worthy of diamonds, many women take the stance that it’s no big deal. Don’t fall for any of it.

A Valentines Date is when a guy’s affection, compatibility, and commitment are put to the test.

Forgetting the day is just the first mistake to avoid. The good news is that even if you “forgot” to make the reservations, you can still surprise her with a unique, fun and romantic date designed by Professional Matchmaker Julia McCurley who plans hundreds of dates that turn into a relationship 365 days a year:

1. Embrace your inner gardner-Instead of buying her an overpriced bouquet, why not plant her from flowers on Valentines Day to surprise her. And how about putting up a hammock for you two to snuggle in. You can set it up together than pop some bubbly and toast under the skies.

2.Instead of the drive-thru, hit the Drive In! the Did you know that Austin is home to the nation’s FIRST AND ONLY MINI-URBAN DRIVE-IN??The Blue Starlight Theater is located right in the middle of the city . Can’t get much more romantic than snuggling up to your sweetie in the front seat drinking your Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.

3. Roll into Romance-Most dates will be hitting the ice skating rink come Valentines Day, so why not go old school by taking your date roller skating instead! Bust out your tube socks and short shorts — the roller rink makes for a super-fun Valentines Day setting. You can hang out in the arcade, buy your date a candy necklace, and get cozy for a couple’s skate.

4. Put on your Twinkle-Toes.I admit that this idea is semi-cheating, since this event occurs every Thursday night, but not really. It just so happens that this year, Valentines Day falls on a Thursday AND that every Thursday night, the Austin Swing Syndicate holds a dance at the Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs.

5. Get Board! When is the last time you played spin the bottle? Sexy board games are usually a hit, and relatively easy to find at large toy stores at the last minute. Or, create your own truth or dare style game with package of index cards from the dollar store, a red felt marker, and a handful of naughty questions.