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Something More Just Turned 4!

Something More just turned 4! Nearly 1500 days and 300 clients later, 21st Century offline matchmaker Something More’s fourth anniversary, Tuesday, July 9, is a testament to Austinites priority: finding love and happiness.  Since opening in 2009, the business has achieved 500 percent growth.*

 Founder Julia McCurley, a Certified Matchmaker** and former executive recruiter, credits a professional approach to and personal touch for the continued increase in demand, despite tumultuous economic tides.
“Something More’s mission is to be in the last ‘first date’ business,” said McCurley.  “One couple at a time, we are changing the romantic landscape of Austin, from being known as the best place to be single to the best place to find love.”
Something More’s business model is executive recruiting.  McCurley’s clients are highly skilled affluent professionals, who represent a diverse range of occupations seeking a long-term match.  Executive recruitment is a familiar process.

Before accepting a client, McCurley interviews and scrutinizes candidates, which adds an additional layer of security.  Nevertheless, she credits her attention to detail, a skill honed in Austin’s high tech sector for her success.

 “At Something More we offer valuable insight and feedback to help our clients create successful dates that lead to relationships. In addition to professional matchmaking, our services include wardrobe consultation, date coaching, flirting techniques, and so much more,” said McCurley. “We take our client relationships very seriously because their emotional love life is serious business to them – and to us.”
It is a business that continues to grow.
Additional information is available from Julia McCurley at (512) 810-8803 or at:
* McCurley does not divulge proprietary information regarding specific figures.
**Matchmaking Institute
Samplings of Something More’s favorite dating tips are:
* Be the person you want to attract.
* Dress your best because there is only one chance to make a dynamic first impression.
* Take care of your emotional health so that you are in a position to effectively be open and to    give and receive love.
* Focus on face-to-face interaction since technology can be deceiving with using any online dating service.
* Use appropriate timing – do not force romance if it isn’t there to begin with.
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ABOUT SOMETHING MORE                                                                                  
Something More was founded by Julia McCurley. After a successful career in the world of high tech recruiting and business development, she realized those skills could be easily transferred to the exciting world of matchmaking. After all, she already had a track record of creating many successful relationships and marriages for friends and family. So, in 2009 Julia decided to take her personal passion of matchmaking to the next level by becoming a Certified Matchmaker as deemed by the nationally recognized Matchmaking Institute.

 Julia then opened the doors of Something More to make her talents for connecting people who are looking for a lifetime of love and happiness official.  Julia is happily married and the mother of 3 beautiful children.  Finding people their soul mate is her passion.