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Online Dating versus a dating service

Online dating versus a dating service is a good question. What’s the best way to find love? It’s not about which is the better way – a traditional dating service or online dating. It’s really all about customer preference. There are still many people who are uncomfortable going to a dating site to seek a match. They prefer to have that face-to-face contact  by using a  professional matchmaker.

So, what do you get from an online dating site? You get the freedom to browse and connect with other (hopefully) single people. Typically, you’ll register and complete a questionnaire (which may be brief or comprehensive) and can start seeking potential dates immediately. Some online dating sites offer their members additional services such as instant messaging, web cam chat, dating forums, chemistry prediction tools and compatibility profiling.

A traditional dating service takes on the full responsibility of finding you a date or potential mate Typically, you would meet with them in person and discuss your dating/relationship expectations and what you are looking for in a date/mate. Members of a traditional dating service can rest easy while professional matchmaking experts work to find compatible matches. Background screenings on all members as well as divorce decree checks are additional benefits of using a traditional dating service.

Although there may be a nominal fee involved with online dating, there is the value of your time. An attractive online profile may yield hundreds of hits per day and it can take hours to sort through them all. Time means money and many people just don’t have time to spare to peruse for potential dates.

Whether you use a traditional dating service or an online dating site, it really boils down to personal preference. A traditional dating service provides more peace of mind to their clients by offering added benefits such as screenings and background checks on all members. With online dating, there is no third party confirmation that members are who they claim to be and you have to rely upon what your potential date tells you.