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Do Beautiful Women Get Approached By Men?

Do beautiful women get approached by men? There you are sitting at the bar drinking your scotch on the rocks when all of a sudden, you spot a beautiful woman sitting across from you. Her loveliness is so intense that you cannot peel your eyes away from her hypnotic emerald eyes.

You begin to wonder if she’s by herself or if another man has accompanied her to the establishment. But you quickly reason that a woman as beautiful as this stunning brunette must be spoken for. So you sit back and wait to see who the lucky man is.

Gentleman Start your engines

Much to your delight, you quickly realize that this woman has been sitting alone at the bar for quite some time now and might just be single, or at least unaccompanied for the night.

Now you begin to plan your approach. How can you walk up to her and ask her out? Should you offer her a drink? What magic words can you say to prove your worthiness?

Before you know it, you become discouraged with all these questions and give up on the whole idea of socializing with the beauty. You reason that this woman is much too beautiful and she’d never give you the time of day anyway.

I think I can I think I can

You decide to simply sit back and enjoy the view, when out of the blue, a short and stocky fellow approaches her and begins chatting. You lean forward with intrigue as you laugh to yourself: This should be interesting, let’s see how the little bald man handles the rejection.

Ten minutes pass and the little fellow is still around. Twenty minutes go by, and he managed to make her laugh, and on more than just one occasion, I might add. Thirty minutes have gone by and they’ve both had several drinks. After forty minutes, they exchange phone numbers.

Now there you are, steaming inside, wondering why in the world you weren’t in shorty’s place. After all, you’re a successful businessman, you’re taller, much better looking, in better shape, and you have all your hair. Why in God’s name would she not prefer you? What does she see in shorty? What does Costanza have that you don’t?

Great balls of fire

The little man has cojones! That’s right, he has the courage that most men lack when it comes to approaching beautiful women. So the next time you find yourself asking this question, you’ll know the answer. The only difference between Mr. Shorty’s abilities to land women and your own is that he actually approaches them and you don’t. Had you worked up the nerve and the right attitude to approach her, you might have left with the number instead.

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