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Spending Christmas Alone When You are Single

Spending Christmas alone when you are single can take the happy out of happy holidays.  Christmas has a way of turning the world into a fantasy where everyone is supposed to be happy and everything is wonderful. Being alone at Christmas can almost seem sacreligous.

When facing Christmas alone when you are single, December can be the longest month of all. There are some years when Christmas is more than we can do. But more often, going into hibernation for a month isn’t a realistic plan.

Christmas is coming, with or without our permission and its ok if you are alone.

So how do you face the season when it doesn’t look the way it used to? Remember that your plans and even your traditions can change too. This can be hard to explain to other family members, but stick to your guns. If there is an event, even a family dinner that you’re already dreading politely decline.  This is supposed to be your season too, take back some control if you need to.

Rearranging Christmas can take many forms. There is nothing wrong with spending Christmas alone when you are single at your house this year, or going to a restaurant for Christmas dinner, or even skipping the whole thing and heading somewhere warm. It really is up to you.

Here are some strategies to help you survive spending Christmas alone when you are single:

1.Decorate the house.

Take the time to decorate your home even if you are the only one who will see it. Put up a Christmas tree or hang some lights. One of the hardest things about spending Christmas alone is the feeling that everyone else is having a great time and you’ve been excluded. Make sure you’re not excluding yourself.

2. Plan something special.

It doesn’t have to be Christmas-y at all, just make sure you’ve got something to look forward to. Not only will it add to your holiday, but it’ll give you a great answer to that dreaded question “so what are you doing for Christmas?”

3. Be around other people.

Sitting around the house alone on Christmas Day is incredibly hard. You could host a dinner at your house for Christmas “orphans'”, do some volunteer work like at soup kitchens and charities that need people on Christmas Day. Be sure to say Merry Christmas to everyone you come in contact with .

4. Give yourself some quiet time.

Sometimes the reason we’re alone at Christmas is a sad one. If this is you this season, give yourself the time and the permission to feel sad. Scale back on your activities.

It can be tempting to skip the season altogether, to say “there will be no Christmas in this house this year”. You can pass up on the extras of Christmas, but don’t miss the promise of the season.