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Do Opposites Attract?

There is an old saying that opposites attract. So are you  considering dating someone who is more or less your opposite?  You may find yourself wondering if that attraction is just a fleeting moment or if it will last for a lifetime. Have you experienced this before?

How do you know that when you start dating someone that it will develop into something more?

The first thing to remember is that while sometimes opposites attract, dating and relationships are not an exact science. It is not possible that this will happen consistently. There are a lot of things that might seem tempting in a relationship with your opposite. There is always a thrill in attempting something different or out of the norm. Maybe you are a quiet, shy individual. So you decide to date someone loud and boisterous. Will it work? Maybe. Maybe not. You should go about this as an informed dater!

When two people who are in a relationship are not compatible, there can be a lot of strain and disagreement early in the relationship. It can be hard to figure out if opposites  attract. If there is one major difference that the two of you share, it is likely there are a thousand more small differences lurking in the background. This could make communication very difficult. Ultimately, if there is no or poor communication, the relationship might be doomed. It is hard to communicate effectively when you aren’t looking at things the same way. Differences can be something as small as being an early riser or a night owl. Or they could be something more fundamental as alcohol usage or ethical ideals. That’s why you need to ask yourself if opposites really attract.

The dictionary defines compatibility as the ability to exist, live, or work together without conflict.

This is a good example of why compatibility is such a hot topic when discussing harmonious relationships. While there is no harm in dating someone that is considered your opposite, don’t approach it with an expectation of a long lasting relationship. When couples “drift” apart, sometimes the reason is that they weren’t compatible in the first place. Things might start out well, and there might not be anything significant, but enough little differences can add up over time and cause a large rift in a relationship.

A reasonable way to avoid this is to enlist the services of a matchmaker. They can find out upfront information about a potential match that otherwise might take years for you to find out on your own. Dating and social interactions can be hard to decipher, especially without a little help. Most people date when they have time and  are not professionals at it. So why not have an upper hand? A matchmaker can offer you  objectivity  that is not available when using a website or other self-service dating services. Most likely a professional matchmaker will say its a myth that opposites really attract.

The purpose of this is not to discourage you from dating someone that is your opposite, but to encourage you to consider the consequence of spending a lot of precious time finding out that someone is the wrong fit for you, when an expert can help eliminate that. Be an informed dater!