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How to Get a Second Date with a Man

Some women try hard to get a second date with a man and some get them easily. But what becomes a problem is getting that third date. We may give our best shot but never be sure of meeting again for a second date. It looks like a challenge to women.

What can make you get a second date easily? It is simply awareness. You must be aware of what attracts a man and what irritates him. Once you know about them, you can work on them and succeed in having not just second date, but even third, fourth, fifth and many more.

Do not utter the word ‘Commitment’: The very thought of commitment scares men. So on your first date, do not mention about being in a relationship. Remember he will not decide about you so early. You need to give him and yourself time to know each other. So never utter the word relationship or commitment. Of course that also includes what you expect from a man in a relationship. Keep your first date a casual one. Have fun with him so that he enjoys your company. If you by any chance go in this direction, change the topic and discuss something else.

Be Mysterious: Do not tell everything about yourself on Day One. Tell a little and leave him curious to know more. This will make him want to meet you again. Some women like to talk so much that they just go on talking and end up with just first date. The guy feels he knows all about the girl but she doesn’t know anything about him. Avoid such situations and let him express his opinion too. Be different and give him a chance to find out more about you in the next meeting.

Do not talk about your ex: It is always better to avoid any past talks. To be specific, do not discuss your ex boyfriends or how they ditched you or why you hate them now. No negative talks, justifications or explanations related to your ex should pop in between your conversations. If he asks you about your ex, just say politely “why do you want to know?” If you talk about your ex, he would think that you are still not over him.

Always say please and thank you: When you meet a man, you must use words like please and thank you. For example, when you are in a restaurant, you can ask him to ‘please order something for himself’ or you can ask him to ‘please have more’. Also when you end the date, thank him for meeting you, thank him for the wonderful time, wonderful movie or anything. Men like it when women appreciate them.

Take the compliment with full pride: When he compliments you, do not act like a little girl and put your head down in embarrassment. Instead take the compliment with full pride and say ‘Thanks!’ Show your confidence. Even you know you look good. Then why make up stupid faces and stories when he compliments you? Men find it charming when you thank them with full confidence. However don’t over use these words.

Do not talk about future: Let him initiate any talks related to a relationship with you or a future with you. Do not make him feel that you have already decided about having a long term relationship with him. If he says he wants to meet you again or he considers you as a potential partner, give a positive answer like, “Oh really. That’s nice,” but do not bring up your inner desires. Let him get excited to meet you again. That’s how he will give you a chance to meet again.

If you still don’t get a second date, check out yourself. Check your dressing sense, the way you speak, the kind of men you are looking for and meeting, and your conversations. May be you are missing out on something or playing all your cards at once. Be yourself and let him discover more about your personality and your charming side.

Know more about what men actually want. Tell your experiences to a male friend and let him give you a feedback. Take the feedback positively and work on the issues your friend finds in you.