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dating during the holidays

Dating During the Holidays

When you are single, dating during the holidays can be daunting but there are many reasons you should be dating. Shouldn’t you be happily coupled up by now?  Well, then I’ve got good news for you! Even though you might find yourself saying “everyone is in a relationship but me!”, the truth is there are plenty of other singles out there also searching for love during the holidays. So stop waiting and start dating! Here are the top five reasons you should be dating during the holidays:

1. There are more singles to meet

Dating during the holidays offers a whole new group of potential singles. And bonus, you have the opportunity to meet more people in person, because of all the holiday gatherings and events happening at this time of year. Use these social events as your very own holiday dating service. If you start to view it as such, you’ll see that there are opportunities all around you to meet like-minded singles who are ready to start dating.  The holidays are no time to be sitting at home swiping or winking. Get out there!

2. People are more relationship ready

As the holidays approach people tend to take stock of their lives and become more interested in sharing with someone and coupling off. Between watching endless romantic holiday movies and wanting to share a New Year’s kiss, people are more motivated to be dating during the holidays. The holidays can make people feel more serious about finding love.

The holidays serve as a reminder that people don’t want to be alone, and may take more action to find someone

3. Your friends are more likely to hook you up

Everyone is brimming with warm fuzzy feelings, There is a greater chance that your friends will think of you more often. They may try setting you up more actively with potential dates than they have been through the year.  Dating during the holidays allows you to take advantage of your friend’s matchmaking services! Friends don’t let friends be alone during the holidays.

4. You are more relaxed and open-minded

Since the holidays come with their own charm it helps put you in the mood for dating during the holidays. During the rest of the year, a lot of people will not give someone a chance if they are not overly attracted to them. As it gets closer to winter, and especially during the holiday season, people tend to become more open and more willing to go out and date people they otherwise wouldn’t.

5. It’s easier to approach someone

During this time of the year, many people are more vulnerable because they do not want to spend the holidays alone. Single people during this time of the year will be friendlier if you try to engage them in conversation. The holiday season entails several holidays back-to-back, and people don’t want to spend one holiday alone, let alone more than one. So keep this in mind about how people are feeling during the holiday season, and start being a little more friendly.

Dating isn’t easy during any time of the year, so make sure to know your worth, set your intentions, stay true to your values, and most importantly, remember to take care of yourself. This is supposed to be a fun process, not a chore! Keep that in the back of your mind as you go forth and conquer the territories of love and sex.

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