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The Myth of Women’s Sexual Empowerment

Women’s sexual empowerment is a hot topic in the age of equality between men and women. I know that this article is going to upset a lot of single women, and perhaps single men.  However I feel compelled to express my politically incorrect viewpoint on the perceived social acceptance of friends with benefits, one night stands, and casual hook ups.

Let’s be clear, I am not saying women shouldn’t be free to have sex with whomever they want at whatever point in time they want. I also understand that there are many reasons women may have sex on the first date. Perhaps you haven’t had sex in awhile and you already know this guy isn’t boyfriend material.

Some women even feel that if they don’t have sex on the first date, they guy will move on to find someone who will. That is why women’s sexual empowerment is a myth.

And of course over indulging in alcohol has surely dropped a few slacks and panties too soon.  The question is does this behavior achieve the woman’s end goal of wanting a relationship if that is what she is really after?

By having sex too soon, women have taken away the very thing that drives men… the hunter instinct.  Austin single men want to earn our love and trust, that is a fact.  Research shows that men often view promiscuous women as unsuitable for long-term romantic relationships.

Furthermore, the old adage about if the woman is comfortable having sex with them on the first date, how many other times has she done the same thing with other men?

My admittedly unpopular belief is that it all comes down to Feminists promoting casual sex to young single women as “empowering” or “liberating”.  How is two completely naked and vulnerable people who just met a few hours ago and now are putting parts of their bodies inside of each other interpreted as something to be proud of.  If gender equality is about no longer being viewed as a sexual object, I’m not sure how parading your naked body to random man solves that.

Originally posted on Linked In