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Top 7 Ways to Meet Singles in Austin

When you are looking for ways  to meet singles in Austin, there are several avenues you can take besides downloading another app.  Now that COVID restrictions have lifted,  forget about doing anything that requires you to connect your Facebook account as a way to meet people!

From sharing a love for something to asking your couple friends to set you up with someone who could be great, here are some recommendations  of how to meet singles in Austin IRL. Sometimes you want to date as nature intended. So if you want to switch from dotcom dating to the IRL experience, where’s the best place to go?

1.The Library

Seriously, there are singles all around you pretty much every where you go.  So take out your ear buds, put your phone in your pocket, and  use a tried and true method of meeting people… eye contact! Standing in a line anywhere is a fantastic opportunity to chat up the person next too you, especially if they are not wearing a wedding ring.  And if you don’t know what to say, read my article on how to approach anyone, anywhere.

With a little practice, singles can train themselves to recognize dating opportunities and take action when they see an attractive single cross their path. Sometimes you may have to go outside your comfort zone to build on a connection and get someone’s attention. That’s not always easy, but it can be well worth the effort.

2. Social sports clubs

Social sports clubs are always a great way to meet singles in  Austin because most teams are co-ed and you get to have fun while showing off whatever athletic abilities you have. As a bonus, each league has sponsoring bars that will have drink specials to encourage teams to hang out after, which is always great chance to mingle and potentially build more than just team chemistry.

3.   Airport Waiting Areas​.

As your flight’s preparing to take off, it’s the perfect opportunity to see if your conversation takes off with the solo passengers around you. Starting a conversation about the destination you’re heading to can help set the stage for a romance to take flight.  Chances are good you will meet singles in Austin at the gate or a private airline club!   You can get a day pass to those clubs so you don’t even have to belong.

4. Out in Nature

Parks are great places to meeting singles in Austin who are  living all around you. People from all sorts of walks of life and interests gather at the park. Parks offer a great environment to relax and take your thoughts far away from the troubles of your day-to-day life. Nothing like good fresh air to invigorate your love life. Bring a frisbee, invite someone to play, and you never know where the day will lead you!

5. Your married friends’ Christmas Card list.

Married people love to play matchmaker and help see their friends and family meet someone special probably because they are tired of them complaining a about being single! A friend of a friend can open the doors to a new pool of quality singles in Austin that you are only one degree away from. You immediately have at least one thing in common with them as opposed to meeting someone randomly plus its almost like the person has “references” to vouch for them. You can also think of it as a “warm” call rather that a “cold’ call like messaging people on apps is!

6. Social Events.

Whether it’s a networking event, your alma mater’s alumni events, a young professionals organization, fundraiser, or a charity many of these social events attract women and provides you with a social context to easily converse with practically anyone. Most people go to these social events to make new friends & expand their social network. Be confident, be flexible, & most importantly be social.

7. Matchmakers.

Of course, maybe you’d prefer to leave the matchmaking to the professionals when you are looking to meet singles in Austin? You might not realize that matchmakers are still a thing, but they very much still exist and are even experiencing a boom in recent years. Matchmakers spend a lot of time getting to know their clients and understanding their needs to locate suitable matches.

And one of the biggest advantages of using a a professional is the invaluable feedback they provide. After a date, it can be hard to gauge how your date feels and where they want to take the relationship from there; they get feedback from your dates and provides coaching in areas where you can improve.

A matchmaking service may cost more than a dating app, but some single professionals think of it as an investment in their future. These driven and successful individuals know they want a special person in their life, but they don’t have the time, energy, or inclination to search for dates on swipe-happy apps, so they tap a matchmaker and dating coach to speed things up and direct them to compatible and desirable singles in Austin.

When you go to a club, festival, or anywhere else with the intention of meeting someone for dating, it’s going to be hit or miss. You might strike out, you might not find someone compatible, or you might not meet anyone new at all. Some matchmakers promise to set you up on one date a week or on a monthly basis or what have you. You’re not going into it blind. See if the matchmaker you’re looking into has a How It Works page or something similar on their website, so you can get an idea of how many dates to expect.

While your feedback is going to be very important to your matchmaker, he or she will push you to go beyond your usual type as well, if you have one. You don’t want to be too stuck in your ways. A majority of matchmakers have good instincts, and they’ll get you to think outside of the box and give people the benefit of the doubt. Does your date really have to be a blond, a doctor, or only live within 20 minutes of you? Probably not. But does a prospective date need to agree with you on religion, politics, or children? Probably.

Routines are comfortable and can make life go smoothly — you just don’t want to go too far the other way, especially if you’re single. Know what I mean? One of the best ways to change your dating situation, if that’s what you’re looking to do, is to shake things up. To start off, you can simply try one of the tips above, see how it goes, and then try another when you’re ready. It’s time for you to get off the couch and meet singles in Austin!

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