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Single In the Summer In Austin

Being single in the summer can be hard sometimes.  Could it be that you just ended a relationship with someone and this is your first summer flying solo? Maybe you’re not sporting those chiseled abs and biceps or the sixpack you’d fantasized about?. Or perhaps your life isn’t where you’d like it to be, unattained goals and wavering motivation getting you down. With all the hoopla that the summer season touts, these things can contribute to the “blah” feelings that signify the “Single Summertime Blues”. Those afflicted with this condition can even feel depressed sometimes, harboring loads of negativity and defeat.

Remember that song “Ain’t No Cure For the Summertime Blues?” It can certainly feel that way at times, but good news abounds for all those “Brads” out there with an aversion for the summer season. There is an escape from the depths of despair! If you are single in the summer, just embrace the following recommendations and you’ll be well on your way toward becoming a summer worshipper!

5 Tips For Becoming A Successful Summertime Single

1. Nourish your mind, body, soul, and confidence.We all need to take care of ourselves, but especially when you’re stricken with the “blues”, it’s even more critical to engage in regular self-soothing and promote your own personal growth. Learn something new. Take a class. Visit a bookstore. Get a personal trainer and get on an exercise regimen. Eat nutritiously. Meditate and practice relaxation techniques. Keep a journal. Pursue a hobby. Get lost in music.

2. Plan ahead for love and for your future.

For optimal success, when you are single in the summer, it’s important to develop a vision (a blueprint or vivid picture of what you want) for your future, for a life partner, and for a relationship. This will give you a path to measure where you’re going and how you’re doing along the way. It’s important to identify your values, the things that would be most important for you in all those areas as this will define your mission. Then you can make conscious choices to make sure you’re living with integrity, a key component of living a life with healthy self-esteem.

3. Become available and ready for Mr. or Ms. Right!

This means making the most of being single by taking this time to resolve any unfinished business from the past to bring about closure, grieve any necessary losses, build confidence and a positive self-concept, and defeat negative thinking with more affirming, optimistic mindsets. Embrace your singlehood and stop measuring your self-worth on your dating status; see this as a valuable time to get things in order so no baggage carries over when “The One” arrives in your life.

4. Develop a dating action plan and skills toolbox.

Make a list of your non-negotiable needs that you have for a partner and relationship. What are things that you absolutely must have and absolutely cannot have in order to be in relationship with someone? This becomes your guidepost in screening dating prospects for potential compatibility. It will help you save a lot of time and frustration along the way. Additionally, start building your repertoire of skills in flirting, boundary-setting, screening, etc. to boost your sophistication and confidence.

5. Get out of your head!

When you’ve got the “blues”, there’s a tendency to become self-absorbed with your negative thoughts. Get out of your head and channel that energy into something more productive. Nothing works better than helping others. Volunteer for a worthy cause. Live your life to the max and do something that will give you more of a sense of meaning and passion. And take stock of all the strengths and positives that you have. You’re a good person! Share the gifts that you have and you’ll reap the benefits twofold!

So there you have it! This is just a starting point for the cure for the “summertime blues.” The important thing is to start viewing your single status as an opportunity. Your life is what you make of it, as the old saying goes, and you have the power within yourself to make this the best summer of your life if you choose. You can convert the “summertime blues” into “summertime bliss!” You’ll be great!