In the final showdown between online dating and matchmaking, let’s take a look at both sides of the issue and try to sift through the advantages and disadvantages.

1. One of the disadvantages is quantity over quality.

2. Misleading profiles. Studies show that 81% of online profiles lie about their height, weight, and/or age

3. Safety. There has been a 450% increase in rape with women and men who met online.

4. Fraud.  The FBI reported 6M dollars were scammed out of people online.

Now let’s examine the pros and cons of matchmaking.  As opposed to online dating, with matchmaking, you don’t waste time dating people who are not looking for a serious relationship. Matchmaking is for singles who are serious about a having a long-lasting relationship. Singles who use matchmakers often realize that an investment in oneself can be the best decision they can ever make, especially if they are successful and are missing that special someone with whom to share their life.

A matchmaking service provides a personal touch that virtual introductions do not.

They personally meets with a pool of prospects to help find those who might fit  romantically together. You will also receive professional advice from a matchmaker who spends quality time in assessing you and your love-seeking situation, far more accurately than any personality test online. You are benefiting from professional experience in the field of dating so that you are not alone in your decision-making.

In harnessing the talents of such a professional, you have increased your chances of success. More monetary compensation may be required than for your average matchmaking service.

A matchmaker is equivalent to the services offered by a corporate headhunter looking to find the next CEO, but with the express purpose of locating your perfect other half.

In choosing  dating expert, you are being helped by a trained eye to minimize the risk factor and maximize the benefits to meet the right one. A matchmaker’s goal is, after all, to be in the “last” first date business.

Julia McCurley is a Certified Matchmaker, former IT recruiter who brings a personal touch to finding love and happiness. Her company, Something More, has facilitated over two thousand introductions and helped create hundreds of successful relationships.