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How Do Men Feel About Independent Women?

We’ve all heard that only independent women can break the glass ceiling in the corporate world. Climbing any business ladder can be a long, tedious and emotional journey, yet more and more women are clamoring at the opportunity to reach the top rung. Increasingly more women are getting advanced degrees and pursuing their careers. As a result, many independent women are staying single longer; sometimes voluntarily, sometimes involuntarily.

Many independent women do, ultimately, want a relationship, but are self reliant enough – financially and emotionally – to postpone it until the right man comes along.

They hold high standards for their men, just as they hold high standards for themselves.

But is there really a correlation between the success independent women achieve and men feeling hesitant or too intimidated to date them? Why do well-educated, intelligent,  successful independent women find it so hard to find a man?

Men Are Jealous of Your Success

True, some independent women can make men  feel insecure when they have achieved equal or superior career success than them. The traditional male role is to be the provider and protector.  When a man loses these roles, he feels like he’s losing his pride. Many men feel like their identity is wrapped up in what they do and how much they earn. It is an external validation of their success, and a woman who is more successful than they are may threaten their ego.

Men Are Afraid of You Because You are Too Smart

False! This is one of the biggest fallacies that any woman can believe. It is not you being smart that bothers us. It is the un-removed opinions that come along with your brains.  Most men generally love, and actively seek, intelligent, educated  independent women.   Men dig women who are smart, no questions asked!

It is easy to anecdote men as cheetahs and women as gazelles. When a cheetah hunts gazelles, it does not go after the fastest, most clever gazelle. It goes after the slow, easy to catch gazelle.  But should women buy into the lie that they are unable to find love because they are too terrific and wonderful? Absolutely not!

How your career position affects your relationship  is an important point to think about. Do you bring this in-charge attitude to your personal relationships? Although you know what you say you want from a man, it may not be what you project.

Do keep in mind that the pool of eligible men for independent women shrinks significantly. The world is set up for the common everyday man and woman. Since more women go to college than men, herein lies the root of a big compatibility issue.  There aren’t enough educated (or even self-educated) eligible bachelors out there. The ones who are available get snatched up pretty quickly.

To meet eligible, compatible men, it’s important to keep your options open and go beyond your normal comfort zone to find like minds. You have to be patient and make yourself available to be courted.

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