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Spring is the perfect time to find love

Spring is the perfect time to find love. It is that wonderful time of year when the sun begins to warm, tops reveal more midriff and skirts get a little shorter. Life is renewed and the world is a flurry of energy once again. Spring is a time when every cubic inch of air seems to be flush with hormones and pheromones zipping around at near supersonic speeds. Why? Because in the spring, love is in the air!

And there’s real science behind the term ‘spring fever’. As nature conspires to give us those extra hours of longed-for daylight, human beings undergo a whole host of psychological and physiological changes resulting in renewed hope and optimism – all in all making it the perfect time of year to find love!

As the new season begins, so will many new loves. What steps will you take to make it possible for you to find love? After a long winter of sitting at home and hibernating, and maybe even feeling sorry for yourself, spring is here to lift your spirits. But only if you let it. 

Being optimistic and setting goals for your dating life as the new season begins can help you find love if that  is what you’re looking for. No matter where you live, spring always brings about a positive attitude. 

Nature is back in bloom and the human soul is ready for new opportunities in both life and love. Now is the perfect time to prepare new ways and get new ideas that will help you find love. Here are just a few of the reasons why spring is the time to fall in love:

1. Its Biology

Spring is the time of year when animals get back to the work of producing the next generation. It’s the result of biological impulses that have been followed for thousands of years. So, your body may be craving to reproduce with someone, even if you’re not quite ready to have a family. 

The mating process consists of everything from flirting to sex. In the spring, we’re surrounded by pheromones and pollen. Reproduction is in the air. Perhaps we haven’t evolved beyond the instinctive desire to reproduce once the weather warms up.

2. You are in a better mood

Did you ever notice how your spirits seem to lift when you slip on some shorts and head outside on a beautiful spring day? You’re not imagining things. Good weather really can lift people’s spirits. In one study, the more time people spent outdoors in the warm weather, the more their mood brightened. 

You’re happier, and you find yourself smiling, whistling, being nice for no reason, and heck, you’re even clicking your heels on the street corner. These are all symptoms of spring fever (depending on your level of quirkiness). Shaking off rejection becomes much easier, you have more fun on dates, and you’re much more optimistic about your chances of finding The One.

3. You feel sexier

As the weather gets warmer, we shed layers of clothes, we work out more, we’re more conscious of our bodies . The combination of our waning appetite and our waxing wakefulness often leads to springtime weight loss, albeit relatively minor. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts who monitored the eating and exercise habits of six hundred people over a one-year period determined that the majority of the participants gained two pounds in the winter, both because they ate more carbohydrates and because they worked out less during that time. 

But as soon as spring began, the researchers found, the subjects’ caloric intake declined and their activity levels spiked. Maybe that explains why so many women love showing some skin come May or June: they’re not just enjoying the warmer temperatures, they’re also revealing slimmer figures.

4. Outdoor Advantage

Spring is the perfect time to get outdoors and be social. There will be tons of singles to meet at the running trail, hiking trails, playing beach volleyball, at the dog park, on the golf course, sporting events, you name it. 

And of course its patio time for happy hours, can’t beat that as a great way to meet quality singles. Take advantage of the warmer weather, get outside and use your in-person charm to snag your next date who may be looking for love also.

5. Increased Energy

“There’s more daylight, so people have more energy,” confirms Dr. Sanford Auerbach, director of Boston University’s Sleep Disorders Center. You’re more willing to go to post-work happy hours, plan weekday dates and spend time socializing later into the evening than you normally would.

And finally, Mother Nature’s sudden burst of sunshine, daffodils, and warmer weather should if nothing else, inspire you to open your heart to receiving love and passion. Besides, there is a true magic when you do find that amazing person with whom you were always meant to be. 

Why not get out there, take a chance on finding love and enjoying the feverishness of spring as it is meant to be enjoyed. Spring truly is the season of rebirth. Start anew this season, by allowing good things to happen and enjoying all the opportunities that await you. Who knows, by summer you might be sipping a margarita with a new love!

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