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Stress Can Hurt More Than Your Health

Studies have long showed that stress can hurt more than just your health.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, it can also affect your love life!

1. It decreases your sex drive

One of the symptoms of how stress  can hurt more than your health is a decreased sex drive. When you’re tired, tense and anxious it is hard to be in the mood.

2. I’ve got a headache—really!

Stress causes muscle tension, pain and headaches. When you don’t feel good physically, sex loses its appeal. This is a big example of how stress can hurt more than your health.

3. Stress creates more conflict

Stress can hurt more than your health by increasing conflict in relationships even though it may be unspoken. That further diminishes your desire to make love with your partner.

4. Stress uses energy

Stress saps your energy both mentally and physically. If you’re really stressed when you go to bed you probably just want to sleep and escape from what’s worrying you for a few blissful hours.

5. Stress is distracting

No one enjoys making love with someone who isn’t fully present. Another way stress can hurt more than our health is that we’re stressed out our minds and tend to over worry. It makes it difficult to focus on anything else.

Luckily nature gave us a great stress remedy—sex. It’s ironic, but sex is a great stress reliever even though stress plays havoc with our love lives. Yes, you’re tired, tense, have a headache and you’re distracted by your worries. Make a pact with your partner to create a joint strategy to deal with your stress. Doing these things together and for each other will help you to reconnect and feel cared for at a time when that’s very important.

  • Give each other a massage to deal with those tense muscles and pains.
  • Take  a soothing bath with your favorite bath oil and scented candles.
  • Make time to meditate

If these stress busting activities lead to sex that’s wonderful – with the added bonus that it will further relieve your stress. If you fall asleep without making love, that’s okay, too. Sleep also helps with stress and you may end up making love in the morning when you’re feeling rested and refreshed from a good night’s sleep. Make a commitment with your partner that you won’t let stress rob you of your love life.

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