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Meaningful and Economical Ways to Show Love

There are many meaningful and economical ways to show love. In these current economic times is a great opportunity to decrease the spending while increasing the passion with our significant other. Here are our top 10 meaningful and economical ways to show love and keep the fire burning in your relationship.

1. Turn down the lights and turn up the candles. Enough said.

2. Give up the goods. Instead of going out to eat, discuss what the two of you can cook together at home instead. In other words, work together and you will heat up the kitchen!

3. Who said nothing in this world is free? Plan dates with your sweetheart that cost nothing. Parks, outdoor festivals, nature or creek walks, window shopping etc. Experiences are great ways to show love for free!

4. Give some of your time. Both of you volunteer some of your time. This is very rewarding and will help the both of you bond for a great cause. The better you feel about yourself, the better you will feel about each other.

5. Take a look at me now! Get out those old photos of when you first dated, laugh at each other and enjoy. These are ways to show love throughout your courtship.

6. Save for another day. Make plans for the both of you to do on an overnight or weekend getaway. Figure out where the both of you can cut back on spending and save the money until you have enough to pay for your romantic get away.

7. What about the kids? Find a friend or relative that would be willing to watch your children if you watch theirs. Preferably an overnight. Take advantage of adult alone time by renting a romantic movie, opening your favorite bottle of wine or just hold each other in front of a fire.

8. Technology turn-off. No television, no computer and no video games, do something different. Sit and talk about the adventures life has brought the both of you. Share how great it is that you shared these moments together. Communication can bring intimacy when two people can relate to one another.

9. Share the pain. Work out together at home. Dance together in the living room. Challenge each other to lose inches or some weight, lower your cholesterol, waist line, pants size etc. Burning some calories together is one of the many ways to show love.

10. Brown bag it! Pack a surprise lunch from last nights left-overs. Remember to fill it with sweets and romantic messages.

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