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Fall is the Best Time in Austin

We all can agree that fall is the best time in Austin. With the official start of fall this week and with the weather finally cooling down, I’m so ready for fall. It’s my favorite time of year for many reasons (I seriously can never eat enough pumpkin-flavored things to satisfy my cravings), but one of which is my non-scientific theory that it’s the best time of year for a little romance! Fall is best time in Austin to fall in love.

Here are just a few of the reasons I think fall is  the best time in Austin:

1. It’s warm enough to be outside together, but cool enough to snuggle up and borrow his jacket at night.

2. More excuses to buy new fall fashions (you need them for dates, obvs).

3. Just in time for Halloween, couples costumes are twice the fun.

4. Fall has the cuuuuutest activities for couples to partake in: apple picking, pumpkin patches, hay rides.

5. Fall is the best time in Austin because everyone is out soaking up the last days before we all go into winter hibernation mode, so it’s impossible not to meet new people.

6. The holidays are just around the corner, so if you meet someone now, you can save the inevitable “Why are you still single” interrogation from Aunt Susie.

7.Beverage choices: Even on the worst date ever, a pumpkin beer or a hot spiked cider makes everything just a little better.

8.Men in scarves. OK maybe not everyone loves this as much as me (but perhaps guys in wool caps are your thing?), but my disdain for men in shorts and flip flops is equal to my love for men who can pull off a peacoat and a casually draped scarf. So sexy.

9.Even though you might not have gone back to school in the fall for years, don’t you always just get the feeling that something new and exciting will happen in fall? I swear this positive attitude alone will attract people to you.

10. Fall is the best time in Austin because there are tons of men, rounded up into one place every weekend. When it’s fall in Austin, on  any given Saturday, Sunday or even Monday night for the next few months, just wander into any bar with a TV and you’re basically guaranteed to find a group of guys in jerseys eating wings and watching football. Wear your team’s colors to strike up a conversation with fellow fans, or spark a friendly bet amongst rivals.

11.Haunted houses and scary movies provide the perfect excuse to get very, very close. (Just because it’s a total cliché does not make it less perfect.) Fall is the best time in Austin.