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Fall Into Love in Austin

With the official start of fall  last week and with the weather finally cooling down, singles are ready to fall into love in Austin. It’s my favorite time of year for many reasons (I seriously can never eat enough pumpkin-flavored things to satisfy my cravings), but one of which is my non-scientific theory that it’s the best time of year for a little romance! Fall is THE time to fall in love. Summer lovin’ may be a blast, but there’s nothing quite like fallin’ in love on a crisp autumn afternoon. Sure, Halloween may not be a holiday associated with love, but when the leaves start to drop and the pumpkin spice lattes start to brew, it’s hard not to feel the romance in the air.

Something about fall makes people feel more ready for a lasting relationship fall into love in Austin, experts say. People take breaks from dating in the summer and come fall, want to renew their energies to embark on the journey of searching for love. Summer is the season for carefree flings. Anyone who got single over the summer to take advantage of the vacations, nice weather, or possibly to look for a partner upgrade, is now ready to get steady. When fall rolls around and the weather starts to cool off, all I want to do is snuggle up and be romantic.

In fact there is a term for this ,phenomenon. It’s called “cuffing season”, the period of autumn and winter, when single people are considered likely to seek settled relationships rather than engage in casual affairs”. When the temperature drops, the urge to have someone to bunker down with for the season starts to build. Welcome to cuffing season! Factor in shorter days, fewer chances for a meet-cute since you’re inside all the time, and an instinct to just pull the covers over your head until spring. It can make dating prospects feel dismal. Cuffing Season occurs as soon as the weather gets colder and single folks are extra motivated to meet someone.

f you’re looking for a relationship, the best time to do that is probably during cuffing season. While you’re gearing up for Thanksgiving, the frigid temperatures, and all of the holidays in December, it’s only natural to want someone to cuddle up with. According to a new Elite Daily study of 119 participants ages 18 to 38, October is the best month.

Fall is a more serious time of year. It’s when all the commotion from summer fizzles and we get back into the swing of our routines. This slowing down process is part of what makes fall the perfect time for love.

Here are just a few of the reasons its time to fall into love in Austin:

  1. It’s warm enough to be outside together without sweltering, but cool enough to snuggle up and borrow his jacket at night.
  2. Just in time for Halloween, couples costumes are twice the fun. Halloween is always an awesome excuse to dress up and be creative, but that gets so much easier with a partner.
  3. Fall has the cuuuuutest activities for couples to partake in: apple picking, pumpkin patches, hay rides. They’re fun, easygoing, and full of actual activities. You’ll feel playful while getting to know someone, and feel like you’re being all festive with the season, too.
  4. It’s football season. Having the common interest of a team you’re both passionate about can bring you closer together and riding high when your team clenches the win.
  5. You have someone to hold your hand since fall is the season for spooky movies and TV shows. Whether you’re a full-on horror fan or someone who prefers to watch it through your fingers, fall is an ideal time to get even closer to your partner when the really scary parts hit.
  6. Fall leaves are the perfect social media background. Think of all the “likes” you’ll rack up on photos of you two carving pumpkins, drinking pumpkin beer, or holding hands on a hayride.
  7. Food in the fall is the best. You have your pumpkin-flavored treats, your various gourds, your things smothered in cheese, your creamy soups; it’s all delicious.
  8. People are more chill. Fall is a time that we start to slow down, take more time, and relax. This allows you to get to know someone without feeling rushed or hurried because of a million things to do.
  9. The days are getting shorter meaning loneliness can kick in. You begin to spend more time in darkness, alone and in your home. You quickly realize that the evenings are long and that you want someone there with you. There’s nothing like a little bit of loneliness to make you feel ready for love.
  10. You’re not sweating as much. In the fall, the crisper, just-right weather doesn’t give way for too much blatant perspiration, meaning you’ll feel more comfortable and at ease while on dates.
  11. Women are sexier to men than in the summer. In the fall and winter, skin is covered due to cold. In accord with the general law of supply and demand, bare flesh seems to become more alluring as it becomes less available.

If you are looking for fall date ideas in Austin, check out this list .Celebrate fall in Austin with tons of seasonal activities, including pumpkin patches and corn mazes, spooky tours and amazing outdoor adventures in the scenic Texas Hill Country.

We can now stop dreading the end of the exhilarating highs of summer and look forward to fall, where there’s a possibility of something even more magical to happen. You know fall is fast approaching when you start to see pumpkin spice everywhere. The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder. The chill in the air practically begs for romantic nights sipping wine and staying cozy and warm by the fire. This is a perfect opportunity to find that special somebody before winter!

There are many unique reasons why fall is the perfect time for dating. Fall is when testosterone is naturally highest in both men and women, which increases the desire for closeness, making a successful date more likely. Also, when comparing the seasonal patterns of relationships in Facebook profiles, Fall is the time of year when more people who are single switch their status to “In a Relationship” or “Engaged” than the yearly average. There are many things you can do during Fall that you can’t do at other times of year and you should definitely ke advantage of that. Autumn, therefore, is the perfect time to consider asking your crush out. It’s time to fall into love in Austin!

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