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20 Awesome Fall Date Ideas

There are tons of awesome fall date ideas, especially with the great weather we have here in Austin. And dating in the fall can be lots of fun.  The weather is cooler and there is a crispness about the air.  The leaves are changing into beautiful fall foliage covering the landscape. Fall is the perfect time to fall in love!

Here are some awesome fall date ideas to create romance amongst the harvest:

1.Visit a pumpkin patch.

2.Carve pumpkins together.

3.Put a scary movie on your laptop and go somewhere creepy to watch it together. Ideas? A dark field, cemetery, or parked in the mountains.

4.Picnics aren’t just for Summer, go on a Fall picnic! Pack a blanket, soup in a thermos, and some grilled cheese sandwiches.

5.Make some hot chocolate and watch a movie together.

6.Take a blanket and cuddle up while looking at the stars.

7.Visit some local haunted places.

8.Go to an outdoor market and enjoy seasonal foods like roasted chestnuts.

9.Enter a Halloween costume contest together.

10.Try out some local brews at an Oktoberfest.

11.Sit around an outdoor pit with some hot apple cider.

12.Go for a hike.

13.Get hooked on a Fall TV series that’s coming back this season.

14.Watch 13 nights of Halloween on ABC Family. Nothing puts you in the Halloween spirit faster than Hocus Pocus.

15.Take turns reading a scary book to each other.

16.Make some Fall inspired snacks and have friends over for a game night.

17.Go to a drive-in movie. Bring blankets, dinner, and some hot chocolate in a thermos.

18.Visit all of the local coffee shops to see who has the best pumpkin latte. You can even visit one every weekend to have something to look forward to during the 9-5 grind.

19.Go to an outdoor concert.

There you have it, 20 Fall date ideas for you and your significant other. So pull on your new boots, pack up some blankets, and get ready to start enjoying the cooler weather together.