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How Social Media Can Harm Your Relationships

It’s a fact that social media can harm your relationships. We hear all the time how social media helps businesses, helps maintain friendships, long distance family relationships and so on. But does it really help people achieve their relationship goals? The truth is that social media can cause more harm than good to finding love.

Social media is supposed to make us feel more connected but it can also undermine relationship ties to our spouses.

Even worse, studies show that excessive Facebook use increases risk of cheating, jealousy, and divorce. One study has shown that 1 in 5 divorces is caused by Facebook. In 2012, divorce lawyers surveyed by Divorce-Online UK said that the social network was implicated in a third of all divorce filings the previous year.

Previous research has shown that the more a person in a romantic relationship uses Facebook, the more likely it will lead to feelings of jealousy Also excessive Facebook users are more likely to connect or reconnect with  previous partners, which may lead to emotional and physical cheating.

Limiting Facebook usage is critical  to achieving a healthy, lasting relationship.

Here are Facebook ground rules I recommend for married couples:

1.Make sure your relationship status is married-be upfront that your not using facebook to find someone special other than your spouse.

2.Claim your spouse , that way your profiles are tied to one another, this shows people you are not trying to keep information to yourself

3.Exchange login and passwords-this gesture says I want you to know you can trust me

4.Do not use facebook as a place to air your dirty laundry. –can embarrass or undermine your spouse

Here are my top 3 tips on how to use Social Media to help your marriage:

1.Surprise them with a secret message

2.Give an occasional public affirmation of your loves

3 Use the social network calendar feature to remind you of important events like birthdays, anniversaries etc.