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15 Fun Halloween Date Ideas

There are tons of fun Halloween date ideas. Ladies and Gentlemen, Halloween is nearly upon us. It is that time of year when righteousness is tossed aside for the pursuit of ghoulish appetites and unspeakable horrors. HAHAHA! (my evil laugh) And with Halloween comes a variety of available activities to engage in. So if you aren’t able to figure out what to do, have no fear. Below are some fun Halloween ideas on what to do on this day of evil, darkness, and despair. HAHAHA!

Go trick or treating. Rally all your kids and go trick or treating. Make sure you take along your own candy bag. Why let your kids have all the fun?

Decorate your lawn and put on a costume. Get your yard ready for all the trick-or-treaters. And then put on a scary outfit and yell ‘BOO’ after you open the door.

Go to a Halloween party. Adults are allowed to have fun on Halloween too. Don a sexy outfit and go party the night away.

Go to a haunted house tour. Almost every major city prepares a house for a haunted tour. So get your kids together, take them to the tour, and give them the scary adventure of a lifetime. If you are single, just recruit some colleagues or friends. Everybody needs a fun scare once in awhile.

Go to an all-night horror fest. Many movie theatres around the country host a special all-night horror fest on Halloween. They usually begin around midnight. So get together some friends, load up on popcorn and soda, and get ready for hours of horror.

Go to the zoo. If you live by a zoo, give them a call and see if they are doing anything special for Halloween.

Go to a parade. Some major cities host a Halloween parade. If yours does, gather your kids and go watch the parade.

Host an all-night horror fest. Rent some movies, invite your friends over, order some takeout, and prepare for a long night of frights.

Check out an old cemetery. What could be spookier than an old, gloomy cemetery? Make sure you have the stomach for it because you never know what you might see!

Check out a real haunted house. If you are really courageous, take your friends to a real haunted house! Almost every city has one. You can quickly find local haunted mansions, railroads, and ‘paranormal’ spots by doing an online search.

Take a drive around the block. Drive around a couple neighborhoods and check out other people’s Halloween decorations. You might pick up some great ideas for next year.

Read a book of short horror stories. If you find yourself alone on Halloween, try reading a book of short horror stories. The best way to enjoy a scary night is to do it alone. Nobody else will be around to calm your scared soul!

Have a murder mystery party. How about hosting your own murder mystery get-together? You can find pre-designed murder mystery games at your local Walmart.

Tell scary stories. Clear a space in your living room so that everybody can sit in a circle. Then go around and have everybody tell a scary story.

Play some board games. Play a mysterious board game like Clue. This is a terrific way to bring the whole family together for a night of Halloween fun. Now that’s  one of the many fun Halloween date ideas to chose from.