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Find Your Perfect Match In Austin

Find your perfect match in Austin can be frustrating, right?  Relying on Tindr to find a match? You’ve met dates at bars, and connected with potential suitors at networking events. But still, after all of that time and all of that effort, you’re looking for SOMETHING MORE.  If your current approach to dating isn’t giving you the results you are looking for,  it’s time you called the pros to let us find you your perfect match!

For decades, matchmakers have been changing the dating game. It’s no longer about waiting around for your Mr. or Mrs. Right.  Instead it’s about taking charge of your own love life and ACTIVELY seeking the one. That’s where we come in! You know where you’ve been, but imagine where you could go!

What’s the difference? Dating is dating right? NOPE! Dating with us is personalized, hand selected matches  with all of YOUR needs coming first!

Our goal is to find your perfect match!

Here’s what makes SOMETHING MORE different:

1.Personal, Hand-Selected Matches

Forget the algorithms and the randomly selected matches, There’s nothing random about us or how we match. We get to know you and your match personally, so all your dates should be your perfect match.

2.Elite, Personalized Concierge Services

Reservations? Check. The best happy hour in town? Got it. Where to go shopping for the perfect outfit?  What is your date wearing? All of the details are handled so you don’t have to worry about it. Leave it to us to make your connection to your perfect match in Austin. This is   the only thing to focus on!

3.The Face-to-Face Introductions

What computer can really get to know a person or get a gut feeling? It’s not happening and you need SOMETHING MORE! The only way to really tell if there’s a spark is to meet and get to know someone in person. So if you’re looking for the butterflies in the stomach experience, face to face is imperative. Chemistry is BUILT, not given, so we will need to get you out there!

4.Detailed Feedback

From what subjects to discuss or avoid, to how to present yourself for an amazing first impression, we’ve got date coaching.  AND we are here for you for any questions or concerns. The key to success in dating and beyond is a clear and concise feedback, You will receive just how to use that so we can find your perfect match in Austin


It’s your info- we keep it that way. There’s no profile out there for all of the world to see, it’s a totally personalized experience. We value our clients’ privacy and safety and ensure your privacy is respected in every way.