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How Amazon Prime is Ruining Dating

As a Professional Matchmaker I am all too familiar with the treacherous waters that are ruining dating. In fact, I continue to be shocked and dismayed at how dating has become a vicious cycle that has taken any semblance of human emotion almost entirely out of the picture. It is all about instant gratification which is ruining dating.  We live in a world where you can get almost anything you want when you want it and it’s hard not to need instant gratification…

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No Fail First Date Etiquette

Genevieve Zawada, Certified Matchmaker and Founder of Elect Club , London’s most exclusive and prestigious matchmaking service, weighs in with tips on how to have a successful first date etiquette. A first date is always nerve wracking and some people love them or hate them, a bit like marmite. We are always being asked to give date advice and top tips so we thought it about time we tackled the issue of first date etiquette. Here are some essential skills…

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spring fever can help you find love

Top 5 Reasons that Spring is the perfect time to find love now

Spring is the perfect time to find love. It is that wonderful time of year when the sun begins to warm, tops reveal more midriff and skirts get a little shorter. Life is renewed and the world is a flurry of energy once again. Spring is a time when every cubic inch of air seems to be flush with hormones and pheromones zipping around at near supersonic speeds. Why? Because in the spring, love is in the air! And there’s…

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jilted in January

Jilted in January? Top 5 Reasons You Are Single Again

Did you know there is a reason for the Jilted in January epidemic?: Both sides of the partnership can sometimes start the new year reflecting on their relationships and what is and is not working in them. Sadly, sometimes these relationships’ cons can outweigh the pros  As further proof, a recent study reveals that one of the main reasons for being jilted in January is because people want a fresh start. This, along with Christmas stress, has made the first…

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holiday fear

Holiday Fear Meet Holiday Cheer

When you are single, its common to feel holiday fear not holiday cheer. Have yourself a merry little Christmas. That’s what we’ll be humming but how can you help make your relationships shine brightly beyond the holiday season? Professional Matchmaker Julia McCurley shares some relationship advice on how you can create the love you want. Let’s face it: the holidays can be a daunting time for both singles and couples. For Singletons, there is an expectation that you will be bringing…

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