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What You Need To Know About Matchmakers for Professionals

What you need to know about Matchmakers for Professionals is described in this article. By definition, a Matchmaker is a person who arranges marriages and/or creates romantic introductions between single people.

The ultimate goal of a Matchmaker is to help individuals find a suitable partner or spouse. What you need to know about Matchmakers for Professionals is that there are many facets to being successful.

How do you become a Matchmaker?

You are probably wondering how people become Matchmakers for Professionals.  What skillset do they need to have to effectively match up compatible singles?   There is no college degree you can earn in matchmaking. And there is certainly not a trade school like plumbers and electricians can go to.

Basically in order to become a Professional Matchmaker, you need to have excellent social skills to start with. Ideally you have  emotional intelligence, the ability to network and to be able to judge a person’s character in a short amount of time. This means you know how elicit the necessary information from both clients and prospective matches.

Matchmakers are confident asking hard questions that may make some people uncomfortable. You  have to establish credibility by making people feel like you have known them forever. A good matchmaker will have a superb instinct for who fits whom. 

Matchmaking is in our blood

Many of us have been doing matchmaking our whole lives even before we got paid to do it.  We may have started doing it in high school or college.  I myself have been matchmaking since my sorority days at the University of Puget Sound. In fact none of my sorority sisters were surprised when I told them 20 years later I am officially starting up a matchmaking service. 

Making a compatible match is something that I have always been good at. I had a knack for pairing friends, relatives and acquaintances which ended up in creating successful relationships. After 10+years in the IT industry and a brief retirement, I decided to take it to the next level. The skills I developed in the corporate world  apply to matchmaking.

Being a matchmaker is a difficult job

What you need to know about Matchmakers for Professionals is that they have a very difficult job.  Unfortunatley there is no way to guarantee you will find love or even have chemistry with the people we match you up with. 

Determining what makes people attracted to each other is pretty much next to impossible.  Scientists have been trying to figure it out for years, as is the case with online dating sites use of algorithms. 

In fact there is an entire theory on this called the “attraction theory” and there are 3 kinds physical, social, and task attraction.  There is also a theory called the “similarity attraction” effect. And then of course there is the “opposites attract” theory.  There is even a study that shows men and women of opposite DNA have a 99% attraction rate.  

Matchmakers cannot predict attraction

 What I am trying to tell you is to please don’t expect Matchmakers for Professionals to predict who you will be attracted to.  We do rely on our intuition a fair amount but we certainly are not magicians.

However, there are many benefits that Matchmakers for Professionals do provide to their clients. Random dating can become fruitless because you are meeting  people you have no advanced knowledge of.  And knowledge is the key, especially having critical information upfront before you even decide whether you want to go on a date with this person. 

How many times have you gone on what you thought was a promising date only to find out the person had one of your major deal breakers?  This leaves you wondering why didn’t this person bother to mention important lifestyle sitatuions such as kids, employment or even drug addiction. Talk about a waste of time.

Do you feel like you now know everything you wanted to know about Matchmakers for Professionals?  I am 100% sure you do not. What you need to know about  Matchmakers for Professionals is that they always alot of balls in the air at all times:


If you can’t tell by reading that infographic, Matchmakers for Professionals have to be extremely organized and detail oriented.  They have to have a system in place that  will help them manage every client  from their name and phone number down to what food they enjoy most.  Having a database is a  must.

They need to be able to access their client’s file at any time and make sure it is up to date. This includes things like who they have had dates with, how many dates they have had, what was the date feedback on both sides.

Matchmakers must have benchmarks for their clients

Another important benchmark is  do they have any changes in criterion they want to make, deal breakers and must haves. This requires  finetuning the matching process as time goes on.  Maybe every match the client has had isn’t interested in a second date.

It is the Matchmaker’s job to figure out why this keeps happening and if the client needs coaching. Or does the Client keep rejecting all of his matches. Is he being too picky? Is he not even ready for a relationship?  All of these scenarios need to be evaluated .

Here are the primary benefits that Matchmakers for Professionals provide to their clients:

  •  They provide access to quality singles you would never meet on your own including  ones that they specifically recruit for you.
  • They provide prescreened and vetted matches that meet your criterion.  Using an elite matchmaking service is like swimming at The Beverly Hills Hotel pool, while online dating is like swimming in a dirty, bacteria-infested pond. 
  • They will save you tons of time. Matchmakers for Professionals  have proven ways to do all of that digging for you. Therefore you won’t be wasting hours of your time with someone who absolutely could not be a potential partner.
  • They will prepare you for your dates.
  •  They will give you date feedback.  Maybe there’s a reason why you never get second dates or get ghosted all the time.
  • They will provide you with coaching to help you get better at dating.

Benefits of using a Matchmaker

The Matchmaker is a motivator, coach, networker and smart strategist ready to transform your love life. Here are other ways that Matchmakers for Professionals help clients that you may not have even thought of:

  • Objectivity-They provide a level of objectivity by making sure people have realistic expectations and the right intentions.
  • Clarity-They help clarify what you need, not just what you want.
  • Personalized-They get to know you even better than you know yourself.
  • Psychology-They understand people.
  • Process-They are very methodical.
  • Recruiting-They always have their eyes and ears open for a potential fit for you at all times.
  • Boutique style-They only take on a limited number of clients to enhance the quality of the services they provide.
  • No Games-Matchmakers take the guesswork out of dating.
  • More then a Profile:Matchmakers understand “relationship aptitude” the combination of life factors, personality and interests to create a  unique chemistry and desire for intimate companionship between two people.
  •  Natural-Matchmaking is in their blood.
  • Nonstop-They work 24×7.
  • Empathetic-They are extremely kind. Putting yourself in the shoes of a client is an essential task for a matchmaker.
  • Honest-They will tell you the hard truth when it is necessary.
  • Confidentiality -is a key component of their service so you can count on privacy and discretion.
  • Improvement– You will undoubtely become a better dater.
  • Intentional-  when you  hire a Matchmaker it shows that you are ready for love versus swiping on apps because you are bored or feel hopeless.

Matchmakers do more than set up dates

Everything you wanted to know about Matchmakers for Professionals may surprise you because we do much more than just setting up dates.  People open up their hearts to us. In return will learn alot about themselvesand will become better at dating. They will  understand why their expectations may be too high in what they want in a partner or that they don’t have enough boundaries.

There is no such thing as the perfect person. You most likely will have to compromise on a few things or be more realistic. You will never get 100% of your preferred qualities, 80% is enough. The most important thing to realize is that at the end of the day we can all lose our money, our looks and our health. Why do  you think that most marriage vows include the words “for better or for worse”?

Matchmakers provide expert dating advice

We help our clients get out of their own way. Doing what you’ve always done is going to get you what you’ve always gotten. That’s why Matchmakers for Professionals are still so popular. Our clients have learned the hard way that people are not always what they seem. Putting attraction as the number one reason to pursue a relationship is not the best way to find love.

We are here to save you time and heartache. Today is the first day of the rest of your life so why delay happiness? We have helped thousands of Austin singles on their journey to finding love.

Matchmakers frequently end up becoming amateur therapists to their clients. Being a Matchmaker isn’t just about matching people up.  It’s also about listening to your client’s “war stories”.   This can include crazy exes,  their fear of committment or the opposite, they hop from relationship to relationship because they are afraid to be alone.

Talking about past relationships with their clients is a very important part of being a good Matchmaker. They will ask you what did work and what didn’t work so they can help you avoid making the same relationship mistakes again. Frankly some people are just “bad pickers’ and we help them save time and heartache by examining pro’s and con’s.

Matchmakers work with the cream of the crop

And finally we prove to them that the age old debate that there are no good men or good women out there is simply not true. The kind of people we find for our clients are exceptional and you would never meet them on your own.

They pretty much have it all but just aren’t getting the results they want from organically meeting someone or on dating apps. Matchmakers often become their client’s cheerleaders. They help them realize that they are worthy of love and someone is out there waiting to meet them!

Some people come to Matchmakers for Professionals thinking they are ready to find love when they may not be emotionally available. Coaching addresses the issue of readiness and this ensures that the client approaches dating and relationships with an open heart and an open mind.

We  help you make your best first impression

Another service many Matchmakers for Professionals offer is image consulting. As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  People typically form their opinion of you within the first 5 minutes of meeting you.

It is imperative that you are wearing stylish flattering clothes, nice shoes, and are well groomed. This includes all the blind spots such as fingernails, body odor and breath.  Make sure your hair is a current style that looks good on you. Many of us provide personal shopping for our clients and even make-overs.

Are you ready to say goodbye to the frustrations of online dating and say hello to a future filled with remarkable connections.? Matchmakers for Professionals do more than just look at hobbies and interests.  They are looking at matching values which is the most important factor to determine compatibility.

The level of kindness and agreeableness is also a strong indicator of people being a good match. Attachment style and love language also comes into play. How long would it take you to figure out those things with someone you randomly met on your own?

We offer a personalized custom dating service

Something More in Austin is the only personalized, offline dating service in the entire city. It is the inspiration of Julia McCurley, a certified matchmaker who has spent most of her life matching people. Either to a job in the corporate world, or to another person. Here are some of the reasons Austin Singles chose Something More in Austin to find them the most important person they will ever meet:

  • Something More in Austin is the only locally owned matchmaking service.
  • Something More in Austin is marking 15 years of matchmaking.
  • Something More in Austin is offline and private.
  • Something More in Austin  only matches single Texas professionals.
  • Something More is Austin’s only Certified Matchmaker.
  • Something More is referral based and very exclusive.

You have been swiping endlessly,  fixed up on bad dates by well meaning friends or family, joining singles groups, or taking up hobbies you don’t enjoy for the sole purpose of meeting a potential mate This means it’s time to  let the Matchmakers for Professionals at Something More take the labor out of finding love for you! This is what you need to know about Matchmakers for Professionals.