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Surprising Things That Cause Break Ups.

Unfortunately in life and love, there can be surprising things that cause break ups in your relationships. Other times the signs of an impending break up will be easy to spot. For example, you might fight a lot or someone might’ve cheated. In other cases, one partner might just decide they’re no longer happy and will end it out of nowhere.

Although so many factors go into whether a relationship ends or not, therapists say there are 4 surprising things that lead to break ups that you should look out for.

1. Morning versus night people
 On the weekends, if one person likes to sleep the day away and the other person has a to do list a mile long, this part of surprising reasons you could break up. The morning person may start losing respect and become resentful of the night person. In the morning, the morning person is busy around the house, and being cheerful. This may annoy the night person, who either wants to sleep later or is awake but wants peace and quiet.

The best way to deal with differences in your body clocks is to keep your perspective and focus on everything else you have in common. Your partner isn’t staying up later or rising earlier because her or she doesn’t love you.

2. Body Temperature
Temperature sensitivity can affect a lot of things such as headaches, moods and even the ability to perform certain tasks.  The person that’s always warm may not like to cuddle as opposed to the person that’s always cold . Cuddling while sweaty is a miserable experience.  

Many couples have had thermostat wars for years and lie about changing the thermostat.  If one person isn’t willing to compromise on temperature this can  lead to resentment and anger which is on the list of surprising things. 

 One way to work through this difference in temperature is for the partner who is more heat sensitive should wear skimpier bed clothing or go to bed nude. The cold-sensitive partner might wear socks and several layers of sleepwear to bed.

3. Your mattress
If one person likes a firm mattress and the other person likes a pillow top, one or both may suffer from sleep deprivation. How close you feel to your partner, how secure you feel in the relationship are all closely tied to sleep quality. 

The solution is to do your research before you buy a mattress. A memory foam type will adjust to the person’s body.  There is also split-chamber beds like Softside which allow each person to create their own level of comfort. More surprising reasons then that can cause break ups.

4.  Vacations
You’ve planned your dream vacation and expectations are high.  How could someone have a bad time at an exotic beach locale or at a mountain retreat sitting by the fire?  There are many factors that can contribute to conflicts while traveling together.  Maybe you prefer to lay by the pool while he has 8 hours of sightseeing planned out.  Or you like to stay in five-star hotels and he’s okay with a hostel. Even how much luggage you bring. Like you have a suitcase for your shoes and he puts everything in a backpack.


Just being together 24×7 can cause stress, especially if  you may have not spent alot of time with your partner alone in quite some time.

We’re also presented with far more decisions when traveling than we are in real life. Where to eat? Take a cab or an uber? Driving in a strange city, getting lost, the list goes on and on. The best way to avoid conflicts on vacation is to prepare ahead of time so there are no surprising things that could lead to a breakup,  Discuss the issues you might face such as how much to spend, where to go, even getting reservations ahead of time so you don’t fight about where to eat every night.