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Gift Giving Guide for Relationship Stages

Ever wonder what the rules are for gift giving guide for relationship stages?  Follow these rules for  gift giving, and you’ll be sure to please your sweetheart.

Relationship Stage #1-New or Casually dating

Been dating less than three months or casually dating?  Gifts for newly dating couples should be fun, somewhat frivolous, and inexpensive. The reasoning? Your relationship is new and fresh, and therefore any holiday gifts given should reflect this.

Relationship Stage #2- New Committed Relationship

Romantic holiday gifts are encouraged only if the two of you are exclusive. Items that remind the gift receiver of your time together are perfect, as are fun things that you can share with your date.

Relationship Stage #3- Longterm Serious Relationship

Long term, serious relationships are those where you are either living together, engaged or have been dating exclusively for six months or more.

By this time, you should know your partner well enough to have a fairly good idea of not only what their tastes are,  but also what they need. Gifts for long term committed couples are generally more expensive, more meaningful, and preferably have a romantic component to them. You need to have a gift giving guide for relationship stages to delight and impress him!