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Meeting exceptional single women in Austin can be tough for busy executives. With work  demands consuming much of your time, as a single executive, you have little energy left to focus on finding a soulmate. For professional male  singles, dating takes a backseat to the pursuit of career goals and ambitions. That’s where we come in. Our CEO and Austin’s only Certified Professional Matchmaker, Julia McCurley, knows that dating for professional single men is not always easy. Julia and her team offer customized matchmaking services for professional single men dating to find true love.

Where to Meet exceptional Single Women In Austin

As a professional single, you may have focused a vast majority of your energy on building your career and placed your love life on hold. Since your career is at a stable place, you now desire to share your success and life with someone. But where to meet your dream woman? Discovering the best way to find that special person poses a challenge because you simply do not have time to date every individual who piques your interest.
With an office in Austin, Something More caters to busy local professional men who want to meet and date like-minded female singles.  Our clientele include doctors, lawyers, pilots, professors, technology gurus,  even public figuress and celebrities seeking a more targeted approach to finding love. Something More is an industry leader that provides private, customized high-end matchmaking  for our discerning male clients. Knowing where to meet beautiful and educated successul single women is an art that we have mastered. It’s easy to meet anyone but not the right one!

Meet Exceptional Single Women Today

As a busy executive, you may long to meet like-minded single women and experience the joy of finding true love with someone who accepts you for who you are. We understand that your time is valuable, so we will only match you with the best  single women you can find in Austin.
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