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Romantic Thanksgiving Date Ideas

Romantic thanksgiving date ideas like cooking for two can be fun. This Thanksgiving in Austin there are many romantic dates you can have without cooking. Forget the pizza place and put down the Chinese food menu. Instead look into ordering up a sumptuous Thanksgiving meal with all the fixings for two.

You’ll have to order in advance though, since restaurants that offer holiday meals to go get busy. Start calling around now!  Pick up some nice wine, dress up for dinner and toast to how thankful you are to have each other. Now that is one of the best romantic Thanksgiving date ideas.

Go out

Don’t feel like staying in for your turkey extravaganza? Head out for a night on the town. Make a reservation somewhere (some restaurants stay open over Thanksgiving) and get dressed up as if you were going out for an ultra-special Thanksgiving romantic date ideas. This is one of many very romantic Thanksgiving date ideas.

You can relax and have fun without worrying about who’s going to get stuck with the dishes! Finish off the night with a cocktail at a bar you have yet to try romantic Thanksgiving date ideas.

Get out of town

Take advantage of the long weekend and plan a romantic mini-vacation. This will allow you to reconnect and rev up the holiday romance. Find a secluded spot where you can book a cute bed and breakfast or guesthouse and spend Thanksgiving exploring your new surroundings.

Check out local bars and cafes, go for long walks and  enjoy your alone time away from feuding families and an overdose of turkey and gravy.

If you don’t have time to go away for three or four days, you can still reap the romantic rewards of a quick trip. Read up on hotels in your area and choose one that has the best reviews to book for the night.

Order room service, sip cocktails at the bar and enjoy a romantic holiday dinner out somewhere special. Even one night outside of your regular routine can reignite the spark and make for a fun (sexy) night on the town.

Hit the spa

What’s more romantic than spending the holiday getting a couples’ massage or indulging in some other pampering treatment for two? Who needs turkey when you’re getting buffed and polished from head to toe?!

If it’s about time that you and your significant other treated yourselves, splurge on a half day at the spa. You’ll be relaxed, refreshed and most importantly, ready for more romantic Thanksgiving dates ideas.