F.A.Q’s About Matchmaking


Q: Why should I use Something More Matchmaking Service?

Clients who chose Something More as their matchmaking service don’t have the time or the inclination to date randomly. They know what they want and look to Something More to provide a high-level focused approach, the expertise and an exceptional pool of individuals to identify their ideal mates. Using our indepth interview approach, matchmaking industry best practices, and time-proven intuition, our matchmaking professionals often predict compatibility before their clients meet. The rest, the attraction phase, is up to the clients and can usually be decided in an introduction and one date.

Q: I have no problem getting dates, why would I pay to meet someone?

Clients of Something More do not have trouble finding dates. they simply want a more productive, results-oriented approach to finding their mate. You might enjoy swiping on hundreds of profiles only to be disappointed time and time again, but if your objective is to find someone to fall in love with and spend the rest of your life with, then why wouldn’t you go about it in the most strategic, focused way available to you? You invest wisely in other aspects of your life, in your profession, finances – why stop short in your personal life ? Something More is just like other professional services – it frees up your time, helps make the right decisions for you, and is an investment in a better, more fulfilling future.

Q: How is Something More different?

Something More is not a dating service, not an online service, not an event service, nor a speed dating service.   Something More is the only high-end offline boutique matchmaking service created in Austin for Austin discriminating singles looking for a more targeted approach to finding love.  The professionals at Something More are continuously interviewing and screening locally based Austin singles looking for a longterm relationship which gives us an advantage over national franchise services, some of which do not even have a local office.  We screen each candidate personally in  our Austin headquarters. We conduct comprehensive background checks and behaviorial profiles, continually build intelligence into our proprietary database.  We continue the process until you are completely satisfied with the results. We believe that our clients deserve “Something More” than typical dating avenues have produced.

Q. How do you find your candidates for introductions?

Something More clients receive a custom search based on the criteria of the candidate they are looking for. Our focus is on finding the right match for our clients that are pre-screened especially for them.  Our job is a bit like detective work. You give us the characteristics of the person you are seeking, and we locate that person whether it is someone on our current clientele list or someone we recruit specifically for you. We network, research online, attend events, join organizations, and often approach people at charity events, restaurants, shops, and other public spaces if we think the person might be a good candidate for one of our clients. Rest assured, before any introduction is made, we personally interview and screen each and every potential introduction and have no problems turning down someone if any red flags occur.  With Something More, unlike the saying goes, finding love is not a numbers game with us.  Our focus is on quality, not quantity, we know how valuable your time is.

Q: The kind of person I am looking for would never use a matchmaking service?

The stigma of using a resource to help you find your mate is long since dissipated. You are probably no different from every other discriminating busy executive who would like to meet someone special but who has too little time. Clients of Something More aren’t the type of people you’d find in the average dating service, in the bars, or online. Simply, our clients have a lot to offer and are selective about whom they meet. They join because they are serious about making a commitment. They place their romantic future in our capable hands because we can more effectively find them what they are looking for. Something More’s introductions are valuable. By the time you have met the person we introduce you to, you have advanced knowledge and understanding of the person. The question you need to ask yourself is, would you rather have someone pre-screened and pre-qualified for you, or do you have endless time on your hands?



So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to add Something More in your life?